Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm a SuperStar!

A few months ago, or something like that, Man Mountain (my boyfriend!!) , decided to go out and buy an xbox 360.


At Best Buy.

Are you freakin crazy?!

Then I hopped on ebay...

I scored him a nice elite version, better than the impulse buy, for half what he paid.

He was impressed.

I've got mad ebay skillz.

Games, games, and more games followed.

Then came RockBand 2 and an extra guitar...

I had never played Guitar Hero or the first Rock Band when this 60 pound box showed up at work one day...

We became Addicted.

He has two roommates.

I hang out there all the time.

Voila! A band.

The first time we were all present to play everyone was a bit shy when it came to handling the microphone.

Not Dimes.

He grabbed that thing and butchered a couple of songs.

I had taken a break from Bass to eat some leftovers when Man Mountain decided to give it a try.

Man in the Box by Alice in Chains.

Total High School for me, I loved that song.

The song started and....I was horrified.

So much so that I had to steal it away from him and finish the song myself!

And it was good.

I really really enjoyed it!

Man Mountain was stunned.

You're good at this!

I've only sung karaoke a few times, and always the same couple of songs....

Though I sing in my car all the time and always listen to music cranked up, so I don't miss anything...look up lyrics in case I can't extract them myself...and have a good memory too

Guess who sings every time we play?


There are quite a few songs that I've never heard or am unfamiliar with in the game

So what do I do?


Download a few songs and practice in the car!

I can consistently score in the high 90s and even 100% at Medium.

Hard is a different story.

The jump from Medium to Hard is much more difficult than the Easy to Medium jump.

You sing different parts of the song in some cases!

Man Mountain offered to make a CD of all the songs I want to practice....

How sweet!

My home internet stealing is back on, and this time I think it's for good...

More updates soon, there is much to tell.

(and my camera has finally been fixed!!)

Oh and I think all this 'panic' about swine flu is retarded.