Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Snow is Bright, Brutal.

Old couple at the clubSo we had a crazy winter storm roll through here on Saturday.

Course we went out Friday and were out/up really late!

We were at this after hours place and this older couple was breaking it down on the dance floor.

This guy tried to shake his old wrinkled behind allll night.

Notice I said 'tried'

It was horrible white-guy dancing.

Thanks for the entertainment, oldie!

Anyway, after bumming around and sleeping all day,
we finally got off our butts around 6 or so and went to dinner.

It was total shite outside.

It was like driving around in a foot of slush.

HUGE heavy fat watery snowflakes were falling.

No one else was crazy enough to go out, so we had the restaurant to ourselves!

I vegged out on the couch after that since the weather made everyone puss out.

It's just a little snow...and ice...you're going to let THAT stop you!!??

Ah well.Pretty Tree

So everything was covered in ice the next morning, and then 6.5" of snow on top of that!

The trees were looking pretty cool so I took some pictures...

Too bad lots of em were drooping so low they started to break off.

power lines had the same problem...

Hundreds of poles are down across the state.

There are people that have been without power since Saturday night!

Sucks for them.

oh well.

I'm busybusybusy at work so I think that's it.

If you're an internet slut and want to be my friend on some stupid website like myspace or facebook you totally can.

email me.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Your Crisis Annoys Me.

There are all kinds of cars in the underground garage at home.

big ones little ones red ones blue ones etcetc

There are a few that stand out.

Like the dark orange chevy-thing.

And the 2 pearl escalades.

(how the fuck do they park those things around the columns?!)

there's the douche 2 spaces over with the big white chevy that accidentally parked in my spot once.

And then there's Mid-life Crisis Guy.

A Red T-Top Corvette.

Not a newer one.

Not by a long shot.

It has curves.

It's a Stingray.

Then, behind it, is a motorcycle.

A Harley, I presume.

I've seen this pair parked in no less than 3 other spaces in the garage.

And now they're right next to me.

For some reason it's fucked up my backing-into-my-spot-cuz-it's-easier-to-pull-out skills.

For awhile, it was a red pontiac.

Then a few different trucks.

Big ones.

Generally all stuff much bigger than me.

I had no problem backing into a space next to a humongous truck.

A truck that took up 99% of its parking space!

Meaning I had little room for error.

But now, I have problems.

I damn near took off my driver's side mirror 2 nights ago.

nevermind that i was exhausted and it was 12.35am...

My spot is now HUGE.

And I'm backing in all crooked.

This bothers the fuck out of me.

There are already plenty of women that can't park a car worth a shit, and don't even TRY asking them to parallel park or back into a space . . . I'm doing all women everywhere a service with my awesome parking skills!

If this continues, I'm going to scratch the ever-loving shit out of the driver's side of my car because I'm trying to avoid scratching Your Precious Baby.

Whatever. Even if I do, I'll just leave a note:

Stupid old guys with their Life-Crisis and buying toys they REALLY wanted like 30 years ago.

Seriously, that car has DUST on it!

No excuse for that since it's been super-nice the last couple of days.

At least wash the damn thing!

Ok. I'm done.

Wash it.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Black out

What a nice day . . .

Walks into the building.

The lights are off.


Look up, no lights on any floor.

Head up to the second floor. . .doors are closed.


Was there a fire or something and did everyone evacuate to the other side of the building?!

What if there are zombies on the other side of the door?!

Zombies?! don't be ridiculous.

Walk in, still quiet.

Did I miss a memo?!

Turn the corner, voices . . .

Whew. Ok, good.

So we have no power. no computers.

no work can be done!!

Or can it. . .

Boss decides we should have our meetings early.


So we find a cubicle that's slightly better lit than all the others and hold a meeting.

A meeting I probably didn't need to be at.

The boss has meetings all the time.

Like 3 days straight every week.

He hates meetings.

So what does he do?

He starts repeating himself!!

Prolonging the meeting!!

Nothing ticks me off more!

I should have gone to breakfast.

It was out for an hour.

Despite the missing of an hour this morning, today is never-ending.

I'm going blind working on this thing in excel.


Staring a screen makes you tired when you aren't looking at anything fun.

I'd like to share my weekend, but Maddy was Doing Magic Again.

Let's just say the music all of sudden made a shock wave and we were drawn to the dance floor.

The light show was mesmerizing and we were out till 5.

Up until 11 am.

I was happy.

It was fantastic.

Maddy's Doing Magic Again, and I love her for it!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day. whoo.

So Valentine's Day Cheer has barely manifest itself here at the office.

Seems hubbies aren't sending flowers this year.

Except one.

18 Red Roses in a cool looking vase.

One for each year they've been married.

And . . . . that's it!

No one else has received anything!

I'm not expecting anything this year.

Seems Valentine's Day is a universally hated, florist, teddy bear, and chocolate industry binge fest.

Since my birthday is right next to it, I'll settle for some conversation hearts.

I go out all year anyway, so why not on Valentine's Day?

Cuz I never seem to be with someone that would actually like it!

So what am I doing this year?

Covering a shift at the bowling alley.

Maybe I'll wear my 'All I got for Valentine's Day is this stupid t-shirt' shirt that I made for myself a few years ago.

While I'm serving beer to drunken bowlers I'll think of all you saps out to dinner and feeding each other dessert, then going home to put on a strip tease, course while wearing the skimpy red lacy lingerie he gave you that's 2 sizes too small but you feel bad saying anything so you squeeze yourself into it anyway straining a muscle in the process and tripping over all the skinny straps causing you to face-plant in the toilet breaking your nose knocking out some teeth and then almost drowning.

Moral of the story?

Cliche Valentine's Gifts = a trip to the ER

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Quarter Century Pi

Today is my 25th Birthday!

Congrats on your first quarter century!

The day has started out like any other birthday . . . it's snowing!!

And, courtesy of my coworker, we are having Cheesecake for Breakfast!!

Fucking delicious.

My mother was in town last weekend to celebrate!

We went shopping all day Saturday =D

Then we got all dolled up and went to dinner . . .
with Mr. Squeeze.

I kept telling myself. . .'If she doesn't like him, there's no hope for me!'

Well, guess what?!

She approves!Me n Mom

Conversation was great and the food was rich and yummy!

After that we headed out to the club . . .

Yes, mom came with.

To the Gay Bar, Gay Bar, Gay Bar!!

Where else would I go for my birthday?!

It's the best time in town if ya ask me.

I finally got a good pic of me n mom...do we look alike?

According to my coworker,
'You are your mother.'

Same mannerisms and way of speaking...

Wow. I'm becoming my mother.

Not totally a bad thing.

If she's a preview of things to come, I can't really complain!

While at the bar, the guys thought it would be a great idea to try and get my mom to do a body shot.
The Boys
She doesn't know what that is. . .

They tried to explain it to her.

'I'm not doing THAT!'

Great guys. NICE JOB.

So in order to give her a better idea, they came up with this:

Hey! How about Mr. Squeeze does one off of Pi!?

Pi n Mr. Squeeze
Are you serious!?


So I climb up on the bar, lay down and a shot of whatever is poured into my belly button, and then placed on top.

FYI: Not a fan of having my button messed with. It does not like to be poked, prodded, tongued, ANYTHING.

So I wriggled a little cuz it also tickled.

Slightly embarrassed, Mr. Squeeze helps me down...

The bartender,
'OH you are SO Naughty!' ::hand flourish::

It gets better! That's my mom!

::GASP:: OMG you don't look old enough to be her mother!

I'm not really sure what she thought of that, as I was properly drunk by then . . .

We danced a little and then it was time to go!

OK Pi pics . . . some embarrassing...but what the hell, it's my birthday, you have to look back and laugh at yourself sometime!

For the first little Pi Collage, upper left is me in 3rd grade, with my first pair of glasses.

Below that is me in my
Rough Stage in 5th Grade.

LOVE that perm. And the braces.

Then we have me in my living room drapes dress, 7th Grade School Picture.

Second Batch:

Right side is 8th Grade School Picture

Then we skip high school, cuz I HATED it.

So we go right to 2002, I was a sophomore in college in these two pics.

The short hair was a gradual thing, the guy I was dating at the time really thought I could pull it off and egged me on to do it.(I ended up loving it and keeping it until April 2005, when I decided to grow it out.)

Then we have 2003, my hair gets wilder.

Yes, those are bright pink highlights.

The top pic is me in Lynchburg, Tennessee at the Jack Daniel's Distillery

I was being a brat.

As I was looking through pics last night, choosing which ones to 'reveal to the world' I found a bunch when I was in college and I actually looked FAT.

Stupid Beer. (i still love you, you're forgiven.)

Anyway, then we have my Classic First Birthday Picture.

I'm totally rocking the Smurfs plate and bib.

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Feel free to send me cheesey e-cards and all that jazz. I love all that crap! spicylilpi@hotmail.com

Monday, February 12, 2007

You actually LISTEN to the lyrics?!

Every few months or so, I put together a playlist and burn a CD.

Then I listen to it until I know all the words to all the songs.

Then I listen to it s'more.

I sing at the top of my lungs in the car.

At some point, I actually GET what the songs I chose are about.

Like, I ACTUALLY HEAR the words!

(The list is chosen by sound and mood...notsomuch content...)

The strange thing is, all the songs usually have a common theme.

I don't do it on purpose.

But when I look back at what was going on at the time I made the list, I see it in the music.

Por Ejemplo:

The last CD I made was back in, oh I dunno early December.

It included songs by Koop, this strange Swedish group that puts out some Jazzy sounding stuff with titles like: Whenever There is You and Come to Me

2 songs by John Legend: Heaven and Save Room, a tune called Ghetto Heaven by Common and Macy Grey, some Lemon Jelly....and I can't remember the rest..

The point is, after I actually LISTENED I realized all the songs I had chosen were about the beginning and ending of a relationship. (isn't that what most songs are about anyway?!)

Which is exactly where I was when I made it:

The end of the relationship whose first ending spawed this blog.

The beginning of things with Mr. Squeeze. . .

So if I'm ever confused about how I feel or where I am, all I have to do is look at the music I'm listening to and I should be able to figure it out!

Aren't women strange?
(Or maybe it's just Music-lovers?)

No wonder guys can't figure us out. We barely understand ourselves!

BTW - Tomorrow is my Birthday!!

I'll post embarrassing pictures of myself and do a little weekend update . . . and What a Weekend it Was!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Beantown Shenanigans

Tupac Shoes!To continue Pi's journey in Beantown . . .

Army guy wanted to go shopping!

And why not?

He's being paid for a year in Iraq and has 2 weeks to spend it, so let's go!

We hit up a huge Marshall's cuz it was the closest.

While he was busy shopping for practical things like a leather jacket and jeans, we set off to find ridiculousness

Nice Legacy
Which we first found in the shoe section.

I give you, Tupac Shoes.

I tell ya, if I was a dead rap star, I would LOVE to have my face plastered all over a pair of bitchin kicks like these!

The little metal piece, yeah it says '2PAC'

As if that weren't enough, there's another shot of him on the side of the shoe too.

They didn't have the size we were looking for, drats.

Course that wasn't the only pair of shoes we found worthy of photographing. . . .

There were also these:


On the tag, if you look closely, the tattoo on the guy's belly says THUG LIFE.

As if a thug would walk around in something as ridiculous as that!
nice socks
The Big O also found a gem of his own.

A velour Adidas track suit.

He debated whether or not to buy it.

But eventually gave in to temptation.

He totally wore it out to the bar Saturday

People at the bar were giving him funny looks even though they were wearing all kinds of weird shit too!

He's totally rocking the argyle socks too.

(yeah this was in the basement when they were killing more Glenlivet...)

The pants are so big he could have pulled them up to his nipples and they STILL would have been too long!

Notice the Colorful Adidas Kicks.

What a Bitchin' Outfit.

I like it in the eye
Here's a pic of my n Army Guy outside the club Saturday night.

This picture is so HAWT.

I totally like it in the eye.

I also managed to capture falling snow on camera.

I think that's fucking cool.

Lulu close upJenn and Joe have two black kitties.

This is Lulu.

She's a Freaky Kitty.

But Super friendly.

A few nights I was there, she would come sleep by me . . .
and tried to eat my hair!

No biggie, she was a sweetie.
quite the pair
And of course, we went to The New England Aquarium.

Pi can't go on a trip without going to an aquarium.

Total fish freak.

I took TONS of pictures.

They had lots of jellyfish.

Check em out here.

After that we headed to the North End and ate at Pizzeria Regina.

The menu?

Pizza and Beer.

That's it!

Fucking delicious.

We were in Little Italy,
which means the streets were narrow and there were Italian restaurants everywhere!

We stopped for canolis, coffee and then headed off to Harvard Square.

We wandered around and did some more shopping for a bit, stopped for martinis, then, finally, had some CHOWDA.

Creamy, clammy goodness . . . .

I'm salivating just thinking about it.

Boston is a place full of construction, angry drivers, tasty food, and coppers.

Tons of fucking coppers!

I'm totally going back when it's above freezing!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Pi does Beantown

I was terribly missed here at work, and they're showing it by making me do TONS of stuff.

So you had to wait a few days for an update!

Ok, ready, here goes. . .

After arriving in Boston at 12.40am, we went to pick up the car.

Or 'Cah' as the guy at the rental place called it.

'A cah's a cah. If you've driven one, you've driven em all.'

Sweet accent.

It's Marg Time!
We didn't do much the first day, relaxed and had Mexican food at a place called Acapulco.

Very acceptable.

Tasty delicious in fact.

The next day our Army buddy arrived!

I decided to drive to the airport. . .course the normal exit was closed...



Through the city. Shitty roads.

Nothing is labeled. It's strange.

We got caught in a traffic jam at 3 in the afternoon.

Army Guy's first request was to hit the liquor store.

He missed beer.

And women.

You would too if you were stuck out in the desert with a bunch of crazies for 4 months!Deluxe Table lighter

He came bearing gifts.

Saddam lighters!

Possibly the strangest things I've ever seen.

No one takes credit for them, either.

Absolutely no labeling whatsoever.

The fire comes out the end of the gun . . .

His hat is an ashtray!

The pocket Saddam lighter...
Dropping bombs
You open it and it starts flashing!

I think the writing on the bottom of this one says something like
'Amnesty Peace We'


Anyway, it sounds like things in Iraq are more than a little fucked. I'm glad I don't have to see the things he does.

Thanks, Army.

Then There Was SCOTCH.

A bottle of 12 yr old Glenlivet.

Cuervo Black and Poker
And a bottle of Cuervo Black, and a 2-liter of Coke for me.

Chinese was ordered.

Poker was played.

We were up pretty damn late.

Army Guy fell asleep at the table.

Can't blame him, between the time difference, the fact that he works nights, he hasn't had a drink in four months, and downed a bunch of scotch...

I think anyone would have been face-down on the table.

We went up to the city on Saturday night and attended '80s night at Toast

Freaks! Freaks everywhere!

It was awesome.

Met another chica there, she flew in from Peoria earlier in the day.
Married and still gross
I personally got drunk off of Vodka-7s and Red-Headed Sluts.

The DJ was pretty awesome.

I was surprised at Joe's dancing skills...his wife told me the first time she met him was when she hired him to dance at a fetish club.

Well, alright.

A love story that starts in a fetish club is pretty solid.White ppl in black coats

No pics in the club, too busy groovin and drinking...

But plenty afterwards, standing around outside. . .

It was snowing!

Then back to the house to drink and argue and play darts in the basement.

The majority of people we saw that night were wearing black.

Which was also the dominant color in the wardrobes of the ppl we stayed with.it grew on me

So I decided to wear something BRIGHT.

Originally I picked up this shirt to make fun of it. . .

Then it kinda grew on me.

It looks awesome under black-lights.

Another bottle of Glenlivet was cracked and ceremoniously sacrificed to the drinking gods.

Brian was so demolished he kept hitting the pipes running along the ceiling with the darts.
chuga chuga
Finally he gave up and started dancing around....

And had an accident!

Did you piss yourself?!

Nono, I just spilled!

Suuuuure.he swears he just spilled

Army Guy started to konk out early, but we woke him up.

I turned in around 4 I think . . .

The boys were up till 7ish.

The sun was out.

The next morning Iscotch night aftermath rolled out of bed and stumbled upon their sleeping arrangements.

Looks comfy, no?

There's much more to tell!

I'll finish the rest later . . .my eyes are starting to go googly!