Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tilt, Tuck, and Tighten

I went back and read the last post and am amazed at the optimism and excitement

After my first soccer game I felt great, but I was also a little uncomfortable as my muscles started to react to my Let's get in shape first efforts

The next two days were absolute HELL

I've never experienced such severe muscle pain in my life.

Everything tightened up.

I could barely walk

I didn't know I used my sides and shoulders to play soccer, but that shit hurt, so I must....

Probably the running. Ick.

Aside from the delayed onset muscle soreness, my knees have finally healed.

My next game is this Saturday.

Terrified of the aftermath, I resigned last week to go out and do some running around, a brisk walk, ANYTHING at least 3 times before my next game.

Ummmm I didn't do anything but eat, drink, and be merry over the long weekend....

So, today, instead of lying on the couch relaxing and eating AGAIN, I decided to bounce around with a little soccer ball

It felt kinda dumb doing it in the living room, but I'm one of those retards that's embarrassed to exercise by herself in view of other people.

Like it matters.

No, it doesn't, it's just a stupid hang-up of mine.

One time, on a Saturday a few months ago, when I still had a bit of a shopping/spending problem, I was relazing on the couch watching TV.

Have you ever tried to watch TV on a Saturday?

Without cable?

Well, there's jack shit on...

Except 'Paid Programming'


And what do you know, an exercise program was on...

Hip Hop Abs.

You've seen the commercials: Get fit with Shaun T. to cool hip hop music!

I cringe during those commercials...

Then I actually picked up the phone and ordered that shit.

I know, I'm amazed too.

I never thought I'd do that either.

In fact, I've been embarrassed to even TELL people that I own those dvds....

So, I'm doing it here instead.


Get over it, Pi.

Moving along, playing solo with the ball was a warm up.

I popped in one of the Hip Hop Abs dvds and did the whole 30 minutes.

Feel the burn!

I felt it.

that and ridiculous.

They make it look so easy too.


Why can't it be like older peoples' workout dvds where everyone isn't perfect and is still working on getting into shape?

That would make me feel better.

I'm not the only one that isn't as quick on her feet as previously thought or coordinated or flexible or...

Tomorrow, I'm going to do it again.

Two steps: START and KEEP GOING.

Fuck, this is difficult!

hah, owner/CEO of beachbody, the company that puts out Hip Hop Abs among other things blogs.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Once a Grass Fairy....

Always a Grass Fairy?

In case you didn't know, the Pi is Mexican.

Which means playing soccer is a mandatory thing.

Like going to Catholic School.

I started playing when I was a mere girl, at the age of 8.

I quit at the age of 16 for various reasons:

I hated the HS coach.

I hated running.

I wasn't as awesome as I could've been.

And my dad pissed me off, my parents were getting a divorce, so I figured I'd get back at him by quitting soccer, which he loved, played for most of his life, and coached for many years.

Way to go Pi.

And who did I really end up hurting with that one?



The summer after I quit playing, I put on a pair of jean shorts that used to fit me perfectly.

They still did, except for one thing.

My ass had gone a little flat.

The shorts bubbled out a little, but there wasn't any ass to support them!

I rethought my decision right then, I don't remember the details, but I didn't start playing again...

Why not work-out?

Organized working out is something I've never done.

I liked gym class, the swimming, step aerobics, all that other crap we did like taebo and sliding.

But I've never done any of that stuff on my own, always had to be a class of some sort, dancing, pilates, yoga and dancing my ass off at the club in college.

3 years, 2 months, and 9 days of working in an office full-time sitting on my ass has started to take its toll.

That's a whole lot of non-exercise.

And the active dancing like crazy clubbing has even subsided a bit...(ok alot)

Then, last week at lunch one of my buffet-loving compatriots mentioned the soccer league he plays in....

Oh we need some ladies, we'd love to have you...

The minimum age for females to join is 14.

For men, it's 25...

Recipe for under-age naughty disaster?

Maybe, but that isn't the case.

So I thought about it and figured, well fuck, I'm only working one night a week at the bowling alley over the summer, if I don't do this, I'm going to end up on the patio of a different bar every night with a margarita.

Then I'll be out of shape and an alcoholic.



So I joined the team.

Seeing as I haven't played soccer in 10 years, I didn't have any of the equipment.

I made a list and went shopping last night.

Sports stores are places that I don't find myself in alone.

Thank god it was a weeknight.

I wandered around that place for a good hour collecting soccer stuff.

Whilst trying on shin guards I saw the cones and markers used for practices and whatnot...

All the memories from youth soccer came flooding back.

And I suddenly missed it and became excited for my first game.

I was also dreading it.


Running and Pi don't get along.

The soreness I swore I would welcome, it means I worked stuff that hasn't been worked in a while, right?

Well I got a bit more than I bargained for.

Running is one thing, balance is another.

It was like my body was moving faster than my feet and I would just get ahead of myself and then topple over

Four times.

I fell four times in my first game.

The first two, I went down on my knees pretty damn hard.
ouchie knees
The third, someone said it looked like I'd been snipered.

Oh yes, they sting, it's quite the sensation, and they're scraped.

My thighs are super sore.

The outsides mostly, the ones you use to actually lift your leg, yeah having a problem with that right now

And standing up/sitting down.


This shit makes me feel old.
(I can hardly wait to put on my heels tomorrow)

I'm not complaining, merely stating facts. I hate that whining shit. I will suffer through this part until it doesn't hurt as badly.

But at least now I'm doing something.

I'm going to get back into shape!

Bubble butt, here I come.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I eat Jazz Potatoes

I'm feeling about as sexy as a pile of barf.

Which is...pretty gross!

I've returned to being a Mucus Monster once again

Just in time to ruin awesome weekend plans, but, meh, the weather doesn't look like it's going to cooperate either

I realize I've fallen off the Bloggin Wagon, and that bothers me.

Occasionally I go back and read an old post, and think, Damn, that shit is GOLD.

I also think, Wow, you had a lot of time on your hands!

Moving on...

I had the windows on my new ride tinted last week and I must say, she is wayyy sexier!

Not like drug dealer tint, where people kinda back off when you roll down the street

Classy tint

Cuz it's a friggin Lexus!

I've been nerdin our and looking at the forums, people have been 'tricking out' this car.


Yeah, like fat-ass rims and body kits and other ricey-nerd shit.

Some of it I don't mind, as long as it stays classy

Like this, this is exactly the opposite of what I'm talking about:

Can you say 'Spider Man'?!

Right so here are the before and after pics of the tinting...

What a fine beast

Tinted windows

It's nice n subtle and really makes the car...

Really not as pricey as I expected either.

Neat, huh?!

As for wheels, might put that on hold, I've always liked the shiny ones, but I heard they're hard to keep clean

Gotta keep it classy first and sporty second...

although these look damn snappy:

I'm all geeked out on car stuff!