Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Some rearrangin goin on roun' here...

Hello monkeys!

I finally upgraded my template.

Which kinda messed things up.

But I was quick to waste time at work to fix it.

And then I tweaked a few things.

Ummm yeah, the poll, not sure if I'm diggin it just yet.

You fuckers need to vote.

I'm exhausted from moving/unpacking/organizing/cleaning/partying during my 5 days off from work.

There will be pics of the place with furni and whatnot in it...


Game Facethat's a completely random pic from a happy hour turned 1am from 2 weeks ago...it's funny and creepy and happy all at the same time!

Thing is....

I have FOREVER to get settled into the new place.


Cuz it's mine.

I think that whole mortgage thing is sinking in now...

I should at least finish painting. . . soon. . . ish

Something about the new layout is bugging me.

Is it bugging you?

crap. WHAT IS IT.... help me out. praise jesus, pass the ammo, move along, nothing to see here...

Monday, July 23, 2007

completely random pic

Of my Ugly Ass Cat reaching for a piece of kettle corn:

Kitty Likes Popcorn

Frickin' Adorable.

We move Wednesday.

I've only started packing...barely!

I also took Wed-Fri off of work to try and regain my sanity...so you might not hear from me for awhile....

But when you do....more pics!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

More Condo Crap

I know you're just DYING to see the latest pics from the condo remodel...

Last weekend dad grouted the entry, kitchen, full bath, and started/finished the master bath

Here's a before and after shot, not quite the same angle, but you get the idea...
Three qtr bath
New Master Bath

Then there's the kitchen...this is the only decent shot I have of 'before'

american cheese

And after:

New Kitchen 2

Now I need to find an island for it...and finish sanding down that wall...it's gonna make a big mess

I'll be covered in white dust!

The orange I picked...well I didn't pick

I totally cheated.

It's called Desert Vista and it was the same color of my last kitchen before I moved!

I loved it that much.

I have the accent wall painted in my bedroom...

Accent wallIt's some sort of plum.

3 Coats.


3 more walls to go in there in an uber light 'so light i can hardly tell it's pink' pink

And the entire living/dining room (in another orange that I picked, but didn't)

I killed a WHOLE ROLL OF BLUE TAPE on it last night.
New Entryway
I'm anal like that.

Now I need more.

ATTENTION if you're going to buy IKEA faucets, this is a warning!

They are not compatible with American plumbing.

You have to finagle them.

And it'll cost you.

I'm STILL searching for the missing link between the water line and the faucet.


Home Depot actually let me down yesterday.


Wll, the place is shaping up...now all I have to do is finish painting and then pack and then move next wednesday!!!!

Holy crap, less than a week...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Walmart Parking Lot Exposed

I was dicking around on Flickr yesterday and came across this group

Walmart Parking Lot Exposed

What the hell...

My first thought is that people are lurking around Walmart parking lots taking pictures of all the freaks that shop there...

So I click on it.

It's a Members Only kinda group.


So I look at the message board instead, still curious...

'ladies does red hat or red scarf mean anything at all'
is a topic...

Hey ladies
Have any of you heard anything about guys looking for nsa sex in walmarts.That are suppose to wear eather a red hat or red scarf in their pocket to let ladies in the store know they are wanting to play. There is a yahoo group saying its nation wide but I never got the memo.lmao


Wait a minute.

People are randomly hooking up in or around their local Walmarts and getting pictures of it?!

This group was created specifically for that purpose?!

That is seriously fucked up.

And WAY wilder than what I had expected!

How juicy.

The description:

We all know Wal-Mart is rapidly becoming a place for adventurous/sexy adults to not only pick up a few things on the way home from work, but a place to meet for a quick encounter with other consenting adults. So here a yahoo group so you have a place to help you make those hot sexual encounters much more fun With our photo section to post those sexy pictures , member postings this club should make that hot hook up easy. so if you shop at a 24 hr walmart come join us and share your stories if you hook up and able to get a picture please share it (your welcome to block your face for security reason)..if you like to do dares in public places well here your chance dont forget to get that walmart sign in the background... this club is for you 2 am shoppers to expose your products


Can you imagine the caliber of people hooking up at Walmarts across the nation?

It'd be like watching Cousin It go at it with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle...

Imagine the offspring!!

What is this world coming to...

Monday, July 09, 2007

Home Improvement Junkie

I'm tired and sore, but it looks awesome.

More work to do this week!

And more this weekend...

I officially have no life outside of home improvement!

Here is the entryway before I did anything to itFrom the front door

Then I ripped off the woodwork and the vinyl floor and scrubbed the hell out of it.

Whee. that was fun.

Then my dad, being the handy mexican that he is, came for a visit last weekend and busted his ass

We installed some slate floors

REAL slate.


my shrimpy little arms are sore.

New Entry 2
I also painted a little.

A bum job, I might add, since I did it AT NIGHT with bad lighting.

Good job, Pi!

Another lesson learned.

The green is called Asparagus and every loves it!

It really brings out the colors in the floor too...

Then one Tuesday or Wednesday evening JMax and Phino and I pulled out the uggo vinyl in the kitchen and scrubbed the floor

Thanks, guys, you rock!

half wall is gone!
Dad also got to rip out a half wall and a cabinet that had a breakfast bar on top of it (you can see the outline on the floor in front of the refrigerator)

I didn't like how it blocked off the kitchen

I'm not sure if I was allowed to do that either, but it wasn't supporting anything, except ugliness

I decided to do slate in the kitchen also after looking at tons of ceramic and porcelain and not really liking anything...

So back to Lowe's for the 8th time...

I'm not sure if it's the lighting or the color of the walls, or if it really IS but the kitchen floor seems more orange/red/pinkish than the entryway

Which leaves me with....
Kitchen Floor 1
Now what color for the kitchen?!

Copper might work...a blue maybe?

Green would, but I already HAVE a green.


Yesterday JMax and I got to Man it Up by removing the 3/4 bathroom cabinet and sink

A mess was made

Lots of noise too

Some blood was shed (!)

And a celebratory cigarette smoked.

More pictures of the full bath and 3/4 bath soon!

Friday, July 06, 2007

The Remodel just became REAL

Full bathThe last couple weeks of new home-ownership have been hectic

Nothing compared to the next couple...

All this time I've been ripping up vinyl floors and scrubbing the stupid adhesive off the concrete

And I removed a toilet.

All by myself.

Hott, I know.

After much talk of I'm going to do this and I'm going to do that...

I'm actually going to DO it

The remodeling of my new condo hasn't felt real to me

Removing the baseboards and the flooring and making a huge mess has had me thinking
God I must be Crazy

This is my new home and all I've done is tear it apart!

Well, yesterday things became a bit more real.

Shit's actually going to happen.

I wanted slate floors.

I bought slate yesterday.

Lots of it.

I had a friendly flooring guy named Brent help me out.

He's gung-ho about flooring.

Especially slate.

He even has pictures on his cell phone of flooring jobs he's done.

(Really gung-ho.)

Then he became my slave.

So what-all am I going to need to do this job?

He showed me mortar and talked about color variations, grout etcetc

Then ran off and grabbed a nice flat bed cart.

And loaded 5 boxes of square foot tiles (each had 10 tiles) onto it

Then 24 boxes of smaller tile

And a big heavy bag of mortar

And pushed it, with all his might, to the check out line

He's a marathon runner and liked the exercise.

I pulled up my dinky little car and he loaded all the tile into it, making sure to balance between the trunk, back seat, and front seat...

Her ass was totally dragging.

Thanks, Brent!

It would have been nice if I could have borrowed him to haul it into the condo, but hey, they can only do so much, right?

My shrimpy little arms are hurting today from all that heavy lifting!

It's real. It's going to happen.