Thursday, June 19, 2008

That one guy

Everyone knows him.

That One Guy.

He's not a 'regular' in any of your circles

You don't even see him that often

But he calls

Just to chat.

That Guy.

Like that episode of Family Guy when Peter goes all pansy and calls Quagmire 'just to talk...sooo what are you doing....?'

Calling just to chat is a decidedly unmanly activity.

What does he chat about?

Fuck if I know!

It's like listening to any girlfriend you've ever had.

Work this and money that, btw you should invest in this microcap company, my roommate yadda yadda...

For the most part, it's fine.

For the other part, it's not.

When someone has a 'great investment' that they 'can't wait to tell you about' do you cringe?

I do.

It's just as bad as those religious jerks that show up at your door.

Or is it worse?

You can't just peep through the hole, strip down to your undies and then open the door and scare them away.


Coincidentally he's also the Really Chatty Drunk Guy.

And he's the Guy That Can't Handle His Liquor...

Bad combo.

But he's my buddy and no, I'd never let him move in with me even though he really needs a new place, but I'll listen to him bitch about whatever kind of rommate he does find...

Moderation is key.

We had dinner Tuesday night and I heard this song on the XM radio that was totally awesome...

I'm on a mission to find it.

I have no idea what it's called or who it's by, but it's in my head!

Don'tcha hate that?

In other news, I've been a homeowner for a year this Saturday!!

Wow. A whole year...already?

There are so many projects that I haven't finished yet, even more that I haven't started, and new ideas popping up...

No rush, this place is mine!

A couple nights ago I saw a newat pattern in the way the light hit the wall next to my front door.

Since that area is a bit sparse on decor, I decided to trace the pattern and paint it...

Mini weekend project, anyone?

Not this weekend, last minute, let's go to Chicago to celebrate Little Brother's 23rd birthday :)

Note: while searching for pics/formatting I found that song!! (Estelle - American Boy)


Christopher said...

Really glad to hear that you are looking to make some minor improvements in your place...

I was worried that the next thing I read on your blog would be about all the water damage and the need to restore things over the next few months!

Glad to hear that you are high and dry!

Enjoy the little bro's b-day!

leafs fan said...

Glad to hear you escaped the flooding.