Monday, June 22, 2009

can't sleep, heart is broken

I think about you. All the time.

I wake up at least once a night. Usually around 4 am.

Tonight, it’s earlier.

it’s been over a week since we last talked or had any contact.

That’s the longest it’s ever been since we met on december 6

I really miss you. I miss what we had.

i miss Sunday mornings

…high school Wednesday nights

…dinner with everyone

…waking up to a ‘good night cutie :)’ text message

…that wonderful feeling that no matter what, you’re there for me

I miss being loved and loving you.

You were my best friend for six months, someone I could trust and tell anything

I think I miss that part the most.

Even though I turned the corner and realized that you probably did the right thing, (I may still be convincing myself) this still hurts

A lot.

it’s hard to believe that this is what you wanted, I betyou would say, ‘it’s not what I wanted, but what I needed to do. I didn’t want to hurt you and believe me, I miss you too.’

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Christopher said...

Hang in there Pi...

And at least it's not the flesh eating clown bed that is keeping you awake at night...

...can't sleep... clown'll eat me...

...can't sleep... clown'll eat me...

keep your chin up and it'll get better soon. Until then, you're in all of our thoughts.

Spicy Little Pi said...

thanks, christopher, I'm generally doing fine, but I know there are going to be 'those moments' when I feel vulnerable and exposed and all that stuff.

Hate that. I'm so impatient.

Anonymous said...

my advice to you is: Drink heavily!
Sorry to hear about your heart. Go out and have fun! Do something you would normally not do... Wait, that may be too crazy! lol