Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Finally, Satisfaction

The Pi really digs on Mr. Scruff

Has for at least 10 years!

He mixes up all kinds of funky stuff, with a jazzy edge to it

MTV2 introduced us in the form of this video:

After that, I was hooked.

I actually BOUGHT the CD Keep It Unreal

Y'know, back when we did stuff like buy CDs...

I also fell for this song:


I remember being at my dad's house and it coming on..When did you start listening to Pink Floyd?

Pink Floyd? This is Mr. Scruff!

(I still don't know which Floyd song it is)

I love the way he draws his little people!

Just so damn CUTE!!

Like in this video where everyone is ecstatic just to have some PIE:

So FINALLY, last week, I was able to see Mr. Scruff!

He was at the Smart Bar in Chicago playing all night...

Mr. Scott and I show up right before the doors open and chat with the bouncer-guy.

He told us about how a few weeks ago there was a line like down the block and around the corner.

Who was playing?

I dunno, some guy with an 'F'...

Farina!! Mark Farina?

Yeah, that was it, we were about 200 people over capacity. There were people hanging out at the bottom of the stairs, we couldn't get in there even if something happened.

We were here that night!! It was awesome, totally hot down there too.


Smart Bar is my new favorite.

It's been around awhile, my mom used to party there back in the day!

Anyway so we make it in and see posters...with a sticky note that says 'Sell Night of for $5'


We head downstairs to find the place empty.

Perfect, grab drinks, find a nice spot to chill...

There he is!!Signed Poster for me

So we went up to the booth to chat with him...

Would you sign some posters for us?!

Of course he said yes!!!!

It was a long night of steady beer drinking and bouncing around to the music.

You know that movie Shaun of the Dead?

(course you do, it's AWESOME)

The scene where Shaun and Ed are drunk, dancing around in the living room, and ends with Ed saying 'It's not hip-hop, it's Electro.'

He totally played that song!

Later in the night, about 1:30, the heavy bass began...

Listening to deep deep bass at that hour in a dimly lit basement club after driving 375 miles and enduring dinner with Indian doctors makes you really really tired.

(not to mention the massage from the vibrating booth cushion)

If you've never heard of Mr. Scruff, I highly recommend Trouser Jazz, MRSCRUFF, and anything else you can get your hands on!


Travis said...

Thats fantastic! I have never seen this video before! It's like Natalie Dee set to music!! /cheer!

Spicy Little Pi said...

I never thought of it like that, but you're right!