Monday, April 21, 2008

Back in the Saddle

The internet saddle that is!

Unfortunately work has decided to install the evil that is WebSense


Since I'm cool with Scary-Big-like-a-bouncer IT guy, he clued me in to when they'd start monitoring everything us little peons are doing on the internets...

Which means no You Tube, no blogger, no myspace, no facebook, no naughty stories or picutres no fun, no fun, no fun

Well you aren't supposed to be doing that stuff at work anyway, Pi!


How am I supposed to entertain myself and stay conscious when the bosses aren't giving me work to do?!

So after so many weeks (prolly only one but seems like forever) of no fun on the internets, I reached out for help

At home there happens to be a couple of unsecured wireless connections...

How do I know this?

JMax had an iphone and would tap into that shit all the time...

Turns out all I needed was to hook up my old beast and get a $30 usb wireless network tapper into.


Free internets at home.

Neat. Thanks neighborinos!

OK, after a slight techincal difficulty (ahem) my knee bumping into the wireless network tapper, back on track

So, I blog to you tonight from atop a kitty litter container, as I gave away my uncomfortable old kitchen chairs...

What has the Pi been up to?

Driving and washing my sexy car...

Partying it up at the local smoke-holeooo blue

Attending her first ever rugby match!

Enjoying the company of her girlfriend and the same time!

Don't be so surprised.

Oh yeah, Momma Pi is way cooler than previously thought.

She was in town a couple weekends ago and went out to happy hour with us

After a few drinks and very little to eat I return from the loo to hear these words escape my mother's lips

Now, for anal sex the best way to do it is...

! !

Most people would cringe and run back to the bathroom if they walked into that conversation

But Moms n I are cool, she can give my friends butt-sex advice anyday!

What really impressed me was the way she took the news that I am dating a couple.

::shrug:: She's cool with it.

Fuck yeah, Momma Pi rocks.

Pictures coming, my stupid camera cable is at work...grrr....

ahhh it's good to be back :)


ATLLG said...

pictures really? Oh wait not THOSE kinds of pictures.... it was a fun thought while it lasted.

Mike said...


i dont think i could handle that type of convo with my mom. "the talk" at 12, 13, 15, 16, 17
probably didn't help at all.

leafs fan said...

I hate WebSense, grr. Are you able to get around with it a proxy of some sort (like

Spicy Little Pi said...

haha ATL, if anyone would ask, it'd be you!!

mikey, try the talk at like 5...and every other year after, didn't help much, this still happened!

ha! hidemyass, that would definitely get me fired!!