Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I eat Jazz Potatoes

I'm feeling about as sexy as a pile of barf.

Which is...pretty gross!

I've returned to being a Mucus Monster once again

Just in time to ruin awesome weekend plans, but, meh, the weather doesn't look like it's going to cooperate either

I realize I've fallen off the Bloggin Wagon, and that bothers me.

Occasionally I go back and read an old post, and think, Damn, that shit is GOLD.

I also think, Wow, you had a lot of time on your hands!

Moving on...

I had the windows on my new ride tinted last week and I must say, she is wayyy sexier!

Not like drug dealer tint, where people kinda back off when you roll down the street

Classy tint

Cuz it's a friggin Lexus!

I've been nerdin our and looking at the forums, people have been 'tricking out' this car.


Yeah, like fat-ass rims and body kits and other ricey-nerd shit.

Some of it I don't mind, as long as it stays classy

Like this, this is exactly the opposite of what I'm talking about:

Can you say 'Spider Man'?!

Right so here are the before and after pics of the tinting...

What a fine beast

Tinted windows

It's nice n subtle and really makes the car...

Really not as pricey as I expected either.

Neat, huh?!

As for wheels, might put that on hold, I've always liked the shiny ones, but I heard they're hard to keep clean

Gotta keep it classy first and sporty second...

although these look damn snappy:

I'm all geeked out on car stuff!


Mike said...

I don't see it.

Leafs Fan said...

I too fell off the wagon. Trying to strike that balance between interesting and...I don't know?

Cars rule, I miss the show Top Gear...

Spicy Little Pi said...

I need to take more pictures...

Christopher said...

Sweet Ride!

You need to find more free time to post... I always look forward to them. Sorry I haven't commented for a while.

Also, this didn't per chance happen at the lanes that you frequent, did it?


Spicy Little Pi said...

I'm planning to post more often now that I have the internets at home...

there are things I want to share but am having a hard time coming up with the craftiest way to present them!

as for the bowling thing, that happened up near storm lake, which is a couple of hours from here! what a story though :)