Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tilt, Tuck, and Tighten

I went back and read the last post and am amazed at the optimism and excitement

After my first soccer game I felt great, but I was also a little uncomfortable as my muscles started to react to my Let's get in shape first efforts

The next two days were absolute HELL

I've never experienced such severe muscle pain in my life.

Everything tightened up.

I could barely walk

I didn't know I used my sides and shoulders to play soccer, but that shit hurt, so I must....

Probably the running. Ick.

Aside from the delayed onset muscle soreness, my knees have finally healed.

My next game is this Saturday.

Terrified of the aftermath, I resigned last week to go out and do some running around, a brisk walk, ANYTHING at least 3 times before my next game.

Ummmm I didn't do anything but eat, drink, and be merry over the long weekend....

So, today, instead of lying on the couch relaxing and eating AGAIN, I decided to bounce around with a little soccer ball

It felt kinda dumb doing it in the living room, but I'm one of those retards that's embarrassed to exercise by herself in view of other people.

Like it matters.

No, it doesn't, it's just a stupid hang-up of mine.

One time, on a Saturday a few months ago, when I still had a bit of a shopping/spending problem, I was relazing on the couch watching TV.

Have you ever tried to watch TV on a Saturday?

Without cable?

Well, there's jack shit on...

Except 'Paid Programming'


And what do you know, an exercise program was on...

Hip Hop Abs.

You've seen the commercials: Get fit with Shaun T. to cool hip hop music!

I cringe during those commercials...

Then I actually picked up the phone and ordered that shit.

I know, I'm amazed too.

I never thought I'd do that either.

In fact, I've been embarrassed to even TELL people that I own those dvds....

So, I'm doing it here instead.


Get over it, Pi.

Moving along, playing solo with the ball was a warm up.

I popped in one of the Hip Hop Abs dvds and did the whole 30 minutes.

Feel the burn!

I felt it.

that and ridiculous.

They make it look so easy too.


Why can't it be like older peoples' workout dvds where everyone isn't perfect and is still working on getting into shape?

That would make me feel better.

I'm not the only one that isn't as quick on her feet as previously thought or coordinated or flexible or...

Tomorrow, I'm going to do it again.

Two steps: START and KEEP GOING.

Fuck, this is difficult!

hah, owner/CEO of beachbody, the company that puts out Hip Hop Abs among other things blogs.

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ATLLG said...

Give me a soccer player or swimmer over any other athlete any day. They are the most conditioned and have the most endurance.