Monday, January 05, 2009


PreparationNovember brought Thanksgiving...

One of the best food holidays!

The Family decided at the Pumpkin Carving Party to have a Thanksgiving dinner

I graciously volunteered to do the turkey and a few sides...

I've never made a turkey so I was pumped

I started looking up recipes, tips and tricks, and even hit up my mother

A few days before the dinner I found out we were going to have more people than expected

Usually a great thing, except I didn't have enough turkey!

Begin: Turkey Drama, Tuesday

To make things more complicated I decided to fry the second turkey.

I've never fried a turkey.

Dinner is on Saturday

I work till 10ish on Tuesday nights so I figured I would go to Walmart since it's down the street and pick up another fresh turkey and some tasty goodness to inject into it

I tossed the turkey in the frig and went to bed...

The next night I made the brine for the 'regular' turkey and then had plans with a hottie...

Thursday night I injected my original fresh turkey (from costco) with Creole Butter (think I'll try jalapeno butter next time)

Quite the experience, piercing, nay, stabbing a turkey in so many spots with a syringe filled with a deliciously fragrant fluid...

All I had to do was open the Walmart turkey and place it in the pot of brine to soak overnight

I pulled it out of the frig....cut off the net...and realized it was FROZEN

Yes, in my fuzzy haste on Tuesday night I grabbed a frozen turkey.

At this point it was 11:15 and I was tired.Turkey Brine

Fine. I'll go to the grocery store in the morning, pick up a fresh turkey, come home, unpack it and stick it in the brine, then go to work.

Hyvee at 7:30am is a madhouse.

People getting coffee at Starbucks, buying donuts, eating breakfast etc. etc.

I wander around, admiring the chaos, and finally find the fresh turkeys.

They cost twice as much as the ones at Costco.

Fuck that.

I am NOT paying twice as much for my second turkey!

So I suck it up and go to work.

I relay the whole story to everyone.

They have no problem when I leave just before 10 to get to Costco to buy another turkey...

I get it home, and start unpacking's fresh but...still really really cold

Hands freezing, I had to resort to cutting the skin holding the drumsticks together.


There was no way I was getting into the top cavity so I dumped it into the brine with the innards still inside...they're sealed, it'll be fine.

I make it back to work, amazingly, in an hour.fat-ass cheesecake

That night I baked my butt off.

2 pumpkin pies (from real pumpkins, not a can) and a black & white cheesecake (100% scratch) was 2 am!

Oh yeah, I made cranberry sauce from scratch too, easy and way better than the can

Saturday, up early, pack up the car and off I go...

I've never cooked the main entree for more than 8 people...we ended up having 11

Aside from the turkeys, dessert, and cranberry sauce, I also roasted some butternut squash, and made the stuffing and gravy!

It wasn't my place but I had the run of the kitchen, cleaning up here n there while the Man of the House, whose main duty at home is to clean, kept telling me not to, he'll take care of it...

I was in The Zone.

I really enjoyed it!

The food was great, if you've never had a fried turkey, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Crispy on the outside, succulent and flavorful on the inside.

It was the only dish that was completely devoured.

I loved it so much I requested a turkey fryer for Christmas.

It may be one of the those things you'd buy your worst enemy, in the hopes that he/she wouldn't follow directions or take the necessary precautions and blow something up

I'm willing to risk it.

It's the closest you can get to heaven on this planet.

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Makin me hungry Pi...miss you hpe you're doing good...UB