Friday, January 02, 2009

photo frenzy

I just burned an hour and a half uploading, naming, and organizing hundreds of photos! (and watching a bowl game...)

Long breaks from Internet Life are not recommended! what have I been up?

In October I had my second annual Pumpkin Carving PartyBwahh

It was bigger than the first and a great time!

I carved 5 pumpkins this year and spent a whopping $85 at the pumpkin farm

Yep I got some poor sap to drive me up to the farm (again) just so I could buy primo carving pumpkins

And some pie pumpkins, of course

The first three pumpkins were destined to be included in a basket of halloween items for a charity auction

As you can see, they are fabulous, my boss even suggested I start charging people for them (he'd buy one)

first three

Huh. Maybe :)

After the party a few of us went to the Champps Karaoke Finals to cheer on our own while they sang Afternoon Delight in costume (they took second place and won $50)

I even got up there to sing one of my favorites, I Touch Myself

It was okay, I'd have to say it's the toughest karaoke I've ever done, I was only a half a beer deep and couldn't hear myself!

No speakers in front of me. Bummer.

I decided to dress up for work at the last minute and ran out to buy all the thing I'd need to be an 80s Office Worker Zombie
Me & Cruella
I was rummaging through the racks at GoodWill when I found IT

The kind of find you just HAVE to buy.

A bright orange polyester leisure suit:

And it only cost me $6

I was chosen as a costume judge again this year for work...

When I walked into HQ, no one recognized me

(I was sporting my baby pink glitter platforms as well)

I called myself Hot Tequila Brown, after one of my favorite Jamiroquai songs

I was amazed at how well the suit fit me, and damn was it hot!

Cruella is my way awesome coworker Jeni, we were the only two to dress up in our office!

She totally won best costume.

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