Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Attention Nice People: You're all Sluts.

This morning I am greeted by a stunning revelation from MSN.

Nice people are more likely to be slutty (basic premise)

Yes, slutty is a relative term.

Sleeping with 10 people in your town might not be a big deal...

Unless there's only 50 people in it.

In a completely unscientific study, a married couple of psychologists asked people questions about the sorts of 'sexual activities' they've engaged in....

If you're TRULY slutty
, I bet you have no idea how many people's genitals you've licked or butts you've grabbed or even what the hell 'heavy petting' is...

Friendly, warm people may enjoy sharing their warmth with others by sleeping with them, whereas antagonistic people may sleep around to avoid having a monogamous relationship. And having a dominant personality makes it easier to approach potential partners.
Okok so the nice girl down the street...she's not REALLY slutty, she's just sharing her warmth?!


I don't doubt the correlation between interpersonal warmth and wealth of sexual experience, no, course not...

But what about all those 'Nice Guys'

You know, the ones that are finishing last

Their niceness hasn't done them any good lately!

Another interesting part of this study is that the subjects' looks were not taken into account.

All the interpersonal warmth in the world isn't going to make someone attractive if they have the face of a dog and the hygiene of a bum

Waitwait but that's not what the study was about! (and the sample was too small anyway so who cares right?! But I think it's a valid point...)

The stat degree in me is trying to shake up my brains...not sure I retained much...

I must be screwed.


I am antagonistic, have a dominant personality, and can be warm & friendly. (if you're lucky)

According to them - I'm a slut!

Thanks, MSN.

Getting my day off to a GREAT start!


krissi said...

Finally, proof that I am not slutty...I just like to share my warmth with everyone. Woohoo!

Christopher said...

Would the "nice people" be the ones giving out the pity fucks to those in need?

My theory is that, yes, nice guys do tend to finish last... but that doesn't mean that they don't get good prizes. They are the ones cleaning up the messes that all the assholes leave behind.

Sadly, though, once they've finally finished, they will be carrying around plenty of "luggage" for the rest of their lives, thanks to the assholes all the young women think they want.

One can only hope that Mr. Nice Guy is also enjoying 1/4 of said asshole's wealth.

Spicy Little Pi said...

hehe this one hit home!

Oh krissi you need to get your slutty ass to the bar with me soon so we can exercise our dominance and oh-so niceness :D

Spread the warmth, baby!

christopher- nice guys, decent looking ones at least, always get nice prizes!

It's those poor pizza-faced timid nerds that are usually left out in the cold...and then they become slaves to large women =O

Anonymous said...

is porn the only winner during credit crunch?

kelly divine