Monday, July 09, 2007

Home Improvement Junkie

I'm tired and sore, but it looks awesome.

More work to do this week!

And more this weekend...

I officially have no life outside of home improvement!

Here is the entryway before I did anything to itFrom the front door

Then I ripped off the woodwork and the vinyl floor and scrubbed the hell out of it.

Whee. that was fun.

Then my dad, being the handy mexican that he is, came for a visit last weekend and busted his ass

We installed some slate floors

REAL slate.


my shrimpy little arms are sore.

New Entry 2
I also painted a little.

A bum job, I might add, since I did it AT NIGHT with bad lighting.

Good job, Pi!

Another lesson learned.

The green is called Asparagus and every loves it!

It really brings out the colors in the floor too...

Then one Tuesday or Wednesday evening JMax and Phino and I pulled out the uggo vinyl in the kitchen and scrubbed the floor

Thanks, guys, you rock!

half wall is gone!
Dad also got to rip out a half wall and a cabinet that had a breakfast bar on top of it (you can see the outline on the floor in front of the refrigerator)

I didn't like how it blocked off the kitchen

I'm not sure if I was allowed to do that either, but it wasn't supporting anything, except ugliness

I decided to do slate in the kitchen also after looking at tons of ceramic and porcelain and not really liking anything...

So back to Lowe's for the 8th time...

I'm not sure if it's the lighting or the color of the walls, or if it really IS but the kitchen floor seems more orange/red/pinkish than the entryway

Which leaves me with....
Kitchen Floor 1
Now what color for the kitchen?!

Copper might work...a blue maybe?

Green would, but I already HAVE a green.


Yesterday JMax and I got to Man it Up by removing the 3/4 bathroom cabinet and sink

A mess was made

Lots of noise too

Some blood was shed (!)

And a celebratory cigarette smoked.

More pictures of the full bath and 3/4 bath soon!


krissi said...

how the hell do you know how to do all this? I had to bring in a guy just to hang a picture!

Spicy Little Pi said...

lol nice!

I'm big on DIY, daddy's a contractor, and I'm good with my hands!

I also love power tools.

And I've got that detail-oriented math-brain which really helps :)

Leafs Fan said...

I admire your home improvement skills. That's the sort of overhaul my bedroom needs.

Stolenswan said...

Try one wall in a bright copper and do the rest of the walls something more neutral.

Then the colour won't be overpowering.

Just a thought.

Spicy Little Pi said...

That's what my dad suggested too!

I settled on a darker shade of orange, kinda coppery, but not overpowering, pics soon!