Thursday, July 19, 2007

More Condo Crap

I know you're just DYING to see the latest pics from the condo remodel...

Last weekend dad grouted the entry, kitchen, full bath, and started/finished the master bath

Here's a before and after shot, not quite the same angle, but you get the idea...
Three qtr bath
New Master Bath

Then there's the kitchen...this is the only decent shot I have of 'before'

american cheese

And after:

New Kitchen 2

Now I need to find an island for it...and finish sanding down that's gonna make a big mess

I'll be covered in white dust!

The orange I picked...well I didn't pick

I totally cheated.

It's called Desert Vista and it was the same color of my last kitchen before I moved!

I loved it that much.

I have the accent wall painted in my bedroom...

Accent wallIt's some sort of plum.

3 Coats.


3 more walls to go in there in an uber light 'so light i can hardly tell it's pink' pink

And the entire living/dining room (in another orange that I picked, but didn't)

I killed a WHOLE ROLL OF BLUE TAPE on it last night.
New Entryway
I'm anal like that.

Now I need more.

ATTENTION if you're going to buy IKEA faucets, this is a warning!

They are not compatible with American plumbing.

You have to finagle them.

And it'll cost you.

I'm STILL searching for the missing link between the water line and the faucet.


Home Depot actually let me down yesterday.


Wll, the place is shaping all I have to do is finish painting and then pack and then move next wednesday!!!!

Holy crap, less than a week...


Christopher said...

Hey Pi!

It's looking FABULOUS!! You're doing a great job with the floor, and I definitely like the color selections for the walls.

And I can see what you are saying about that stupid half-wall thing that you ripped out of the kitchen. I would have done the same. Kitchens need to feel big, even if they aren't.

Keep up the great work and good luck with the move! I may have to fly you to DC to help me remodel (assuming I can ever afford a house in this crazy market!!)

PatZ said...

thats why Moen plumbing is ten times better. plus it looks way better than Ikea plumbing.

Spicy Little Pi said...

Thank you much christopher! I'll take a trip to DC anyday ;-)

Patz - it actually DOES work...I just had to find the right guy to talk to at the hardware store! The first guy had his fist up his ass....

It's Bootiful. and you know it.