Friday, July 06, 2007

The Remodel just became REAL

Full bathThe last couple weeks of new home-ownership have been hectic

Nothing compared to the next couple...

All this time I've been ripping up vinyl floors and scrubbing the stupid adhesive off the concrete

And I removed a toilet.

All by myself.

Hott, I know.

After much talk of I'm going to do this and I'm going to do that...

I'm actually going to DO it

The remodeling of my new condo hasn't felt real to me

Removing the baseboards and the flooring and making a huge mess has had me thinking
God I must be Crazy

This is my new home and all I've done is tear it apart!

Well, yesterday things became a bit more real.

Shit's actually going to happen.

I wanted slate floors.

I bought slate yesterday.

Lots of it.

I had a friendly flooring guy named Brent help me out.

He's gung-ho about flooring.

Especially slate.

He even has pictures on his cell phone of flooring jobs he's done.

(Really gung-ho.)

Then he became my slave.

So what-all am I going to need to do this job?

He showed me mortar and talked about color variations, grout etcetc

Then ran off and grabbed a nice flat bed cart.

And loaded 5 boxes of square foot tiles (each had 10 tiles) onto it

Then 24 boxes of smaller tile

And a big heavy bag of mortar

And pushed it, with all his might, to the check out line

He's a marathon runner and liked the exercise.

I pulled up my dinky little car and he loaded all the tile into it, making sure to balance between the trunk, back seat, and front seat...

Her ass was totally dragging.

Thanks, Brent!

It would have been nice if I could have borrowed him to haul it into the condo, but hey, they can only do so much, right?

My shrimpy little arms are hurting today from all that heavy lifting!

It's real. It's going to happen.



Christopher said...

Home improvement projects are some of my favorite!! You always feel such a sense of accomplishment when you're done. I'm actually a little jealous...

If I was closer, I'd definitely lend you a hand.

I just finished replacing some electrical components in my piece of shit car and let me tell you... no true sense of accomplishement there. It only works if you remember what it looked like before you did the work and then get to see how beautiful your handywork made the place look.

I look forward to before and after pics!

Spicy Little Pi said...

Ask and you shall receive!

I'm trying to remember to take pictures at every stage :)

This sense of accomplishment you speak of...ohhh I look forward to it! So far I've been getting my ass kicked by working in a cube and then by manual labor!

If you were closer you'd lend me more than a hand! ;-)