Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Suspicious Adventure

It's not quite 'Officially' winter yet, but that didn't stop that huge ass storm last week.

Y'know the one that was all over the news for knocking out power in shitty states like Oklahoma.

Well, we had a wicked ice storm here in central Iowa.

So wicked, in fact that I took the day off.

Er, was FORCED to...

Y'see, I got up sorta on time, Pi-time anytime, and was heading out to my garage about a quarter after 8...

In my high heels, bad idea.

My garage is in a building of other garages, and it's on a hill.

(Meaning I have to walk up-hill...)

In high heels.

On ice.

So I make the perilous journey to my garage without falling...punch in my Secret Garage Door Code and...

It starts to open.

Then stops about 6 inches off the ground.

It closes.


So I bang on it a bit.

And I almost fall.

Time to change the shoes.

Did I mention the freezing rain that was falling at the time?

Right. It was freezing rain, ice cold, ravaging my hair

After the shoe change the trek to the garage was a piece of cake.

I brought a pair of scissors with me too.

To help get the ice off the door, der.

After much banging and scraping and whatnot I decide to assist the door on its way up

I push the code and quickly grab the handle and start to yank up on the damn thing.

Tried that several times...and it didn't help!!

So I give up and say to myself Oh, gosh darnit! I can't go to work today. What about calling someone to come pick you up?

Pfft. Like anything I have to do at work today is work someone risking their life to drive the 4 miles to pick me up!

I call in and tell them my garage door is frozen shut, so I won't be in!

Haha, suckers.

Well, this was a Tuesday so I had to work at Ye Olde Bowling Alley that night.

Tuesday is a great tip night.

Lots of dirty old men.

About 5 I decide to giver another try.

The first time I punch in the code the door goes up to about my waist!

I was soooo excited.

But, yeah, it stopped.

More punching of codes and helping the door along with a good yank on the handle...

It never gets as far up as my waist again, and it's making this noise like I'm breaking something.


It's open about 14 inches....

So I crawl underneath it to see wtf is going on.

There's a bar from a box in the middle of the door extending out to the side and it's lodged in a hole in the track...


Holy shit, it's locked.

I somehow managed to lock my garage door when I was yanking on handles that morning.

I try my mailbox key cuz it looks about the right size.

Insertion. No turning.

Crap, what if that key that I thought was an extra mail box key on the ring of extra keys I gave to my friend for cat sitting is actually the garage door key?!

Yeah it totally is.


Crawl back under the door.

At this point, it's dark outside and people are getting home from work.

Here I am crawling out from under my garage door, looking like I'm up to no good...

I examine the lock.

Can't figure out how to unlock it from the inside. The damn thing didn't have instructions, I pushed a lever around and nothing is happening...


Fucking DER.

I crawl back out and go inside to retrieve a pair of pliers.

Scoot back under the door, I'm all snowy and dirty now...

Remove the bar that is the lock.


I'm free!

And no one called the cops, not sure if I should be happy about that one or not.

Damn, I'm good.

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