Monday, November 26, 2007

Pi Hearts NFL

Since the weather has gone to shit, there isn't much to do in Iowa...

Except watch TV.

Which means watching sports and movies and the same shows over and over and over

Pi's never been all that interested in any sport to learn, retain, and recall information about the players and their stats etc

Soccer was a part of my life growing up, and we all know how exciting that is to watch on TV

Being from Chicago, there's always been an allegiance to Da Bears.

(And the Cubs since I'm a Northsider)

Recently the dudes in my life have exposed me to their world of sports obsession

First, baseball.

Now, football.

Side Note:

Pi's never been to a football game beyond high school.

Yes, I lived in a college town for 6.5 years and never made it into the stadium to watch my team!

I was too busy in the parking lot, DUH.

An opportunity to go to my first NFL game presented itself and was quickly squashed.

Now it's too cold to see any of the 'local' teams.

'Local' because I live in the barren wasteland that is Iowa.

We don't have professional teams, so the Bears, Chiefs, and Vikings are the closest, none of which are worth seeing this year!

(sorry Bears)

. . . . . end side note

The NFL is surprisingly appealing to me this year.

I've started to remember players' names and stuff!

New Boyfriend is a HUGE fan of the Cowboys

(I know, I'll never forgive him for it...)

And I have my lovable Bears, a crush on the Colts, and an interest in the Pats, and I guess I'll root for the Cowboys if they're not playing any of my teams.

Much time has been spent in bars, with beer and munchies in the last month!

Planning for Sunday and Monday is done around the NFL schedule.

Oh yes, this chick loves watching NFL games.

One thing I always notice is the Referee.

Of course, I have a favorite.

The black one!

There is only one, his name is Mike.


I dunno, I just like the guy.

Who has a favorite ref?!

I do.

That's Pi for ya.


ATLLG said...

I favorite ref? Are you Ok Pi? But at least your picture didn't have the guy in those stupid black pants that they wore this weekend. They looked like some old warm up pants from the 80s.

I'll stick with GreenBay. Mostly because the Falcons SUCK! and my sons is always cracking on BF because he says he is "too old to be playing in the NFL". Whatever punk!

ATLLG said...

Oh and just to have some fun with the Cowboy fan. Romo didn't "win" the game the way that everyone else saw it Detroit LOST their game. #1 The idiot that didn't fall on the less than 3 min Romo fumble. That he then KICKED downfield. #2 The kicker missing the chip shot. #3 Kitna's lack of maturity. I was waiting for him to cry.

Spicy Little Pi said...

I agree on the black pants - WTF?! They look retarded.

I half expect them to break down and tear em off when they can't find their flags!

We have pants on the play, repeat, pants flying everywhere on the play!


Unfortunately I missed that game yesterday!! We were on the road... tho the bf bout freaked when he saw the score!