Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Adventures of Soccer Boy

Or as I'll refer to him in this post, the Contractor

A few posts ago I mentioned a Flirty Email

Well, it worked.

Just as I suspected it would.

See, I've been trying to let the Man be the Man and not be the one doing all the asking all the time...

Men fell good when they do Manly things.

Like asking the chick out first

So I opened the door and gave him an opportunity to do just that

A date was set: Saturday night, dinner and ??

I decided to let him plan it.

(Not always the best idea)

He actually came and picked me up...

Not an option on the first few dates for me if I barely know someone, but since we had played soccer together and had mutual acquaintances I was ok with it

I thought it was kind of sweet, a little old fashioned maybe

Sushi dinner, conversation wasn't bad, food was good cept for one of the rolls was way too fishy


People were staring at me too.

At least I felt like they were and maybe caught a few dirty older guys in the act...

I was glammed up like that.

I dropped the Dead Daddy Bomb on him on the way out to his truck...

He handled it really well.


Drinks at one of my favorite bars, more chatting...then it started pouring and I decided we should go back to my place and watch a movie

One episode of the Venture Brothers and a Domino later...

He actually asked if he could kiss me.

Who is this guy?

A couple hours of hot make-out-on-the-couch-action later, he left.

Damn. It's been awhile since I've done that.

It was awesome.

Date 2 was less then stellar

Date 2.5...he picked my drunk ass up from the bar.

A sunday morning spent in bed watching bad tv cuddling was pretty amazing.

I decided after date 2.0 that I was going to cut it off after Date 3

Contractor doesn't meet the Pi's Nerdy Requirement.

The Ambition Factor wasn't all that high either....

Sure, he was good company, as long as he kept his mouth shut.

Date 3 was over the new batman movie (love it!) and a quick bite to eat

Then on the way home I spouted off...

Ummm so do you think this is going anywhere?

Well, um, I do and I don't...

Ok, cuz I don't. You're so nice and everything but it just isn't there for me...y'know you can't force it...

He took it like a champ.

A 36 yr old single never married no kids kinda guy has heard this thing before...


Isn't it fucked up when you realize that one of your friends is a damn good match for you but there's just one thing missing?

Like what?


That tear-your-clothes-off-Fuck-Me-I'm-Famous-SPARK

A change needs to be made.

A new thing

A new person

A new place


Where did that excitement go?!


Christopher said...

Sorry to hear that The Contractor's qualifications didn't land him the job...

But it's always better to cut things off earlier than to let them fizzle out and have the awkwardness factor increase exponentially.

In the end, though, it seems like you got a good chance to test the waters on the "bomb" you were concerned about. I really think most guys will handle it well and make it a non-issue...

Good luck with the next prospect!

Spicy Little Pi said...

It was a battle between mind and loins!

Damn mind. Likes to get in the way.

But I know I did the right thing...