Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Your Days are Numbered....


Those bastards are scheduled for extraction August 27th.

From what I've heard it isn't exactly a cakewalk

Liquid and mushy diet for a few days

Possible Bleeding

A Constant Companion

Yes, I need to have someone around for a week after because the scabs could come loose and start bleeding and I could choke to death

Charming, eh?

Why have I elected to do this to myself?

Because of a nasty little guy called Tonsillitis.

We've gotten together at least twice a year for the past 6 or so years

You may be familiar with him:

Yep, a lovely gentleman.

Apparently at the ripe age of 26, you shouldn't be keeping such company...

This will be the closest thing to a major surgery I've ever had.

I'm actually not nervous about it.

Can't wait.

Yank those suckers out to make way for something big and better....

Unfortunately the Day coincides with the start of the regular bowling season.


Regular bowlers, how I miss you!

I have all this free time...no idea what to do with it...except be lazy

Which is nice, on occasion, but I'm more of a need-to-be-busy-to-get-shit-done type

I still have a couple of weeks free until I'm back to the regular work hours so I've come up with a 'plan'

Plan: Figure shit out!

I read today that my company will pay for any kind of counseling service its employees or their family members may feel they need....

I am all over that

Not exclusively for grief, I'm more interested in some help on the figuring-out-my-career side

How ironic.

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