Thursday, April 20, 2006

Panty Lies

Many a dispicable thing has been done to get into panties around the world.

Here are a few that I've heard of in the last week:

Hanging out in the parking lot of a club and slashing tires of hot women. When they come out later, he can be their 'Knight in Seedy Armor' and change their tire for them...he claims it works every time.

Claiming his mother died. Enter Pity Sex. Story goes she called him at home and his mother answered...busted!

Now, there's just something sick about that. and Pathetic.

Swiping a kid from a backyard and later claiming he found him/her in the park and becoming 'The Hero that Saved my Child'

Can you say, "Kidnapping," Mr. Pervert?

. . . shocking isn't it?

Apparently Heros make panties melt. (and musicians, no matter how ugly...)

Even if they aren't legit.

Talk about sad.

If you've heard awful things that make the panties drop, do share...

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