Friday, June 29, 2007

The Art of Meeting Myspacers

I have this rule about Myspace friends.

I actually have to have met them.

Crazy, right?

So I decided to meet a couple yesterday and make them buy me drinks.

Cuz I'm NICE.

The first one, Mat, like you step on, met me after work at my usual happy hour destination

I was there first and started chatting with some regulars.

He shows up in his riding gear.

He has a crotch rocket.

Not impressed.

And he's a little shrimpy and awkward.

And a little wrongfully full of himself.

Conversation was difficult and I was not getting a good vibe from the whole thing.

I was tired and yawning and thinking about the shit I wanted to be doing instead...

It was painful.

At least the drink was good.

So we parted ways.

Resigned to going home, having dinner, and then heading over to my condo to do more scrubbing of adhesive off of concrete (whee!)

So I make some dinner - meatless cuz I forgot to pull it out of the freezer!

Then my phone started ringing

When the hell did I become so popular?!

Another Myspacer, Eric, called and wanted to meet up for a drink in about an hour.

Having already tasted the sweet disablement that comes with alcohol I decided what the hell, it couldn't be any worse than the last one...

And we'd already had a very decent conversation on the phone a few days ago

I arrive, walked to the bar, and look around for him.

Again, I'm the first one there.

I pick a seat and cozy up

People start to stare.

What is so strange about me walking into a bar and sitting down by myself?!

Maybe because people are under the impression that I couldn't possibly be alone.

God forbid.

I have guys come up to me at the club and ask, So, girl, where's your boyfriend?

God Damnit.

He arrives and is dorkier than I expected.

Then I remember our conversation and am not surprised.

Conversation was much better and came pretty naturally.

I received a text in the first I dunno 30 minutes of the encounter.

It was Mat, like you step on.

Thx for joining me for a mojito. We can do it again anytime :) -Mat


Are you serious?!

I guess he didn't get the weird vibe like I did.

I tried to make it sorta obvious that I wasn't enthralled by meeting him


So this was Eric's 'first time' meeting someone from MySpace and, I suspect, the internet in general

Which cracks my shit up since I've been meeting people from the internet since I was about 12.

Amazing I'm still alive with all those Internet Predators out there....

Hell, I flew to Vancouver to hang out with bloggers!!

He was amazed by this.

I even recounted my painful experience from earlier in the day.

And now I have a new friend!

I don't think it's an odd thing to do...

I'm not sure if society frowns upon that sort of thing, but then again, I don't care either.

I dunno, what's your take on it?

Is it strange to meet someone in person that you 'met' on Myspace, or the internet in general?


Anonymous said...

Nah...Way to go Pi


Spicy Little Pi said...

Thanks UB :)