Friday, August 03, 2007

I am a Fuzzy Bunny

The new place is coming along, thanks for asking...

Everyone wants to know how the new place is.

It's almost annoying.

Different co-workers everyday come up and ask..

And I repeat the same damn thing.

So after a long long week of repeating myself, I actually DID something to change my answer

(And no one has asked me today!)

I was motivated enough to unpack the stragglers last night


Lots of books.

Books from college even.

Text books.

Why in Xenu's name would I keep college text books?!

Calculus and Methods of Statistical Analysis no less...

I can rationalize away the Calculus book, that's easy, it was my favorite subject.

The rest of it...well...

I dunno, call it Nerd Points.

Some people refuse to believe that I'm actually a nerd.

Amazing, right?

Well, those text books on my shelves are PROOF of my Nerdom.

They're my nerdy bragging rights.

Back me up, Stephen Hawking...yeah, I have his book...

Double Nerd Points for that one.

I was almost injured by one of my college degrees.

Those things are dangerous.

Maybe it was mad that I'm not 'making the most of it' er whatever...

I also have books from childhood!

Well, at least one anyway...some silly joke book. Maybe I'll use it for this ole rag.

And then...::GASP:: High School year books.


But along with that came an interesting letter (somewhat related to today's title). . . more on that next week!

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