Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mobile Burger Barge

Mobile Burger Barge close parked outside my building!

I didn't know there WAS such a thing.

And there's about 10 people out there eating.

It's 89 degrees and humid as fuck outside.


In other news, JMax is moving in with me!

(At least temporarily)

Help with the mortgage!

I had a visitor a couple nights ago, as people were coming and going...

A little froggy!

I looked over and saw this dark spot on my green wall...

Went in for a closer look...
Slimy Visitor

a little frog.

How flattering, he thinks it's a tree!

I caught him and released him back into the West Des Moines Wild...

I also have crickets.


They chill on the door frame and hop into the condo when it opens.

Hours of fun for the kitties!

I got my car back...guess what it was...

The starter!

Those idiots at CarX...

And it needs more work.

Surprise, surprise.

Stuff called CV boots and tie rod end boots and belts and whatnot.


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Leafs Fan said...

Hmm...not sure it beats the Sandwich Man.