Friday, August 24, 2007

We got Dirrty

Pensive SteveSo last night ended up WAY better than expected.

I figured I'd be lazy again...

Then Twinky McStraight Nuts called and my fate was sealed.

A great fucking time!

Through torrential rain and retarded drivers, I made my way up to Ames, home of the alma mater.

We chilled out and drank domestic beer with mexican flare (miller chill)

The boys were engrossed in a chess match.


Then it was shot time (straight up JACK) and off to the bar!

I have to say, I've avoided partying in this little college town for several months, I didn't want to run into the ex...

Well, he's moved away (technically the National Guard moved him away...) and it's once again, a Crazy Pi Party Zone.

We hit Phuel, known for people that look like A&F models and drug deals.


We saddle up to the pool table and get comfy.
Hot Train
Steve and I kicked ass.

Then the drunk hit...

Next thing you know we are dancing all over each other, legs up in the air, humping, grabbing, groping, spanking

Y'know, the usual.Aaahhh

I had a little 'accident' as I was trying to take a picture with a full glass...

And 'all of a sudden' the bar was packed...

And people were staring at us!

We don't give a shit cuz we've been there done that etcetc

All the hoochies are workin their hoochie magic and guys that barely look of age are trying too hard.

Ahhh, the college bar.

We've moved on (well, most of us) to the point where we don't care what other people are saying/thinking at the bar.

So we got showed off our stuff and had a great ole time!
Booty Booty Booty

We left around midnight and went back to Twinky's newly purchased pad...

Turned on the telly and what do we find?!


DIRTY Anime.

I've never seen boobs so big or more sexually suggestive cartoons!

Shots from behind, up skirts, boobs flying all around, implied cock sucking, and snootch hunting!Dirty Anime

yes, that's an eel that had crawled into her suit while she was inner tubing...totally got her off, and now it's slithering away...

Which channel, pray tell, was it on?

Movie Plex.

Good people, good times.

And we're doing it again tomorrow!

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