Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm Hopped Up On Drugs

After the 'usual' weekend - drinking and partying till the wee hours of the morning, laying on the couch recovering and a bit of shopping - I make it out unscathed.

Not this time.

Saturday I noticed that I was kinda itchy on my neck...

Figured I'd been bitten by
mosquitoes again.

Little Fuckers

After a while I went to put some hydrocortizone on it and saw that it was not a bug bite.


Saturday night I went to see Superbad.

Fucking Awesome.

I almost starting drawing penises on the agenda of my Monday Morning Meeting...

Went to this bar called Tonic in a part of town I usually have to be dragged to, and what did I find?

Exactly what I had expected.

Stuck up bitches and rich guys.

I belly up to the bar and meet David:

40 something, single, never married, no kids, real estate guy from Vegas in town visiting family, and his brother-in-law Steve

I was entertained and when bar-close came, they invited me and friend back to their hotel to kill a 12 pack and snack on nasty microwavable tid-bits...

I was blitzed out of my brains and a few parts of the night are fuzzy, but I woke up, fully clothed, shoes and everything, in David's bed.


My friend is gone.


I leave around 10, saying Sure, I'll meet you later to watch football...

Went home and passed out.

It was glorious.

Hung over like crazy.

And now my neck itches again.

But on the opposite side.

What the hell.

Famished, I decide to use the old guy for a free meal and a beer.

I'm so nice.

Yesterday I woke up and I was still itchy.

In yet another spot, my chest.

OK, doctor time.

Diagnosis: Allergic Reaction

What did you get into?

Geez, what am I, a dog?!

It's not like I was rolling around in the grass and trying out new lotions or perfumes or shampoos etcetc

Now I'm hopped up on drugs.

Steroids and something called Clarinex which dissolves on your tongue and tastes like gross children's vitamins.

The 'roids make me peppy.

Like a caffeine overdose without the short of breath and unpleasant feelings.

Yeah. I have a rash, and I KNEW you wanted to hear all about it!

Not the all-over really gross kind, a localized, very polite looking-rash, like it won't bite you if you come near it!


CW said...

That will teach you to go rolling around in the bushes with strangers!

Spicy Little Pi said...

No one's been rolling around in my bushes!


Pinky Sworn said...

Have fun, be careful

Spicy Little Pi said...

I always have fun carefully ;-)