Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I've been busy having fun...

The Pis has been busy working and having a good time...

As you can see.

Nothing sums up a good time like some guy named Timmy's name and phone number on your left ass-cheek in permanent marker.

If you have a comparable image, do share!

I started that day with a car-bomb.

And ended it with a side-knot and leg warmers.

Yes, it was an afternoon at the bar, watching the Cubs game, and then an 80s party. (pics here)

No nap in-between.

That was a mistake!

I ended up on this party/lame rollercoaster...

Between bouts of binge drinking/slutty antics and vegging out on the couch alone watching Top Gun, I managed to have some fun at the party.

The outfits were golden.

The music appropriate.

And not much can beat Twister in short skirts and hitting on Beetlejuice.

Alas, no pics from me since my friend dropped my camera at the bar and broke it.

It's in the shop gettin fixed.


That's my accomplice.

I don't remember what happened without it!!

I did start working at the ol bowling alley again...

Here's a gem from a local perv:

Hey, c'mere...have you been working out this summer?


Cuz you look GOOD..mmm mm...ass all tight...

Alright, thanks, that's enough!

Ahhh. Good to know some things never change.

It's good to be back at the bowling alley.


Leafs Fan said...

I don't think I can remember my few similar scenerios, in the sense I'm so uptight that they don't happen unless I'm drunk as can be!

ATLLG said...

well...tongue to boob, hand to kinda party...must have misplaced my invite

Spicy Little Pi said...

I will partake in these kinds of antics without any encouragement, liquid or otherwise!

You're always welcome to join, ATL ;)

CW said...

Sure glad someone was there to catch it all on camera! Mmmmm... Boobs and Car-Bombs