Friday, November 02, 2007

Car Lust

Staying positive about everything surrounding my father's sudden death has been difficult

To say the least.

So, here's my take on one small piece of it...

The life insurance money.

It's not like I'm going to be receiving a ridiculous amount of money and stop working and travel the world, picking up companions everywhere I go...
(How fun!)

And it's not going to make me feel any better about his death.

It will make my financial life a bit better.

I'm going to use some of it to become bad-debt free (ie credit cards!)

Something my dad was never able to achieve.

Then I'm going to save some, throw some at the condo...


FINALLY replace my old junky car.

My 1992 Infiniti G20, given to me by my mother and the source of endless problems and frustrated phone calls.

Like the time I was on my way to Midway airport (FROM IOWA), stopped for gas and the alternator crapped out on me (6 hours beginning at 1am!!)...and I had to call my dad about it cuz I hadn't told my mother I was taking a little trip....

And I was still an hour from the airport!

More recently, how I was forced to repair the leak in the brake line on MOVING DAY and incur the cost of a rental car...

And, of course, how could I forget the time it just doesn't feel like starting?!

Jiggle the shifter, sometimes that works.

If not, pop 'er into neutral and give it a try....she likes that one.

Even though she's a hunk o'junk, I still love her.

She's my first car.

Cheap to insure.

Never had a car payment.

Well, now it's time to change that.

A portion of the life policy will become a down payment on a beautiful machine like this:

Yeah, I'm fancy like that.

Can't you see the Pi in the nice Red Jag?!

Oh, baby...

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