Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Shh, it's a SECRET

Shhhhhaha like I can keep a secret for very long...

I need to take another Half Naked Hush picture...

So the Pi isn't exactly single anymore....

And by 'isn't exactly' I mean I'm not.

I just have a hard time admitting stuff like that!

So now that it's out-of-the-bag it's time for part two...

I'm breaking my Rule.

My Rule that I said I'd never break.

The Rule that was instated for a Very Good Reason.

I will not date: coworkers, classmates, neighbors, or bowlers.

Repeat: I will NOT date coworkers, classmates, neighbors, or bowlers.

Hah, yeah, guess which one the new SO is......

He's a coworker.

I'm blowing that Rule out of the park....(figuratively....er...well...you pervs!)

I can justify this by saying he works on the complete opposite end of the building, in a department I almost never have contact with, and I never see him in a meeting, and might catch a glimpse in the hall...

Besides, he's a great guy!

I dunno, however people meet people....

Well, where do you spend a good chunk of your time?


Under the frightening glare of fluorescent lights, glued to a computer screen, tickling the keyboard, slurping down coffee and wasting away in meetings while drawing dicks on the agenda.

(unless you like your job, if you do, eat it.)

Where else are you going to meet people?

The bar?!

Pshaw. Been there, tried that, guess what, doesn't work.

Point is, I'm ridiculously happy and grossing myself out with the cheesey shit that's been spilling out of my head.

Why is he so great?
Holy Sexy
Example: last Wednesday he helped me make my pumpkin-pies-from-real-pumpkins-not-from-a-can and while I was busy mixing and whatnot he asked what to do with all the dishes:

I'll probably get to them on Saturday, I'm busy until then.

Oh, well, then I'll do them.

::shocked:: That wasn't my intention when I said that!

Don't worry about it, I want to.

I wonder if there are people out there that thinks this is a small thing....

Let me tell you, IT'S NOT.

That's HUGE.

Follow that up with digging all the holes for me to plant bulbs in over the weekend and DING DING DING, We have a Winner!

Damn, I'm lucky.

And so is he.

We're gross.


Christopher said...

Damn... I was going to vote "bowler".

Sounds like a great guy so far!

I hope he continues to make you VERY happy. You're a great girl who deserves a wonderful guy like that.

Spicy Little Pi said...

hehe bowlers are nothing but trouble ;-)

Thanks, christopher!

Cesston said...

I was scared you lost it and started dating Meathead for a second. At least now I don't have to totally bash you with a clue by four.

PatZ said...

what if he also bowls?

Spicy Little Pi said...

Well...I'm sorta teaching him how to bowl!

Does that mean I'm trying to break my rule x2?!

By 'bowlers' I meant people that I wait on any of the three nights I work at the alley. That'd be weird considering I see them every week for 8 months! What if it didn't work out?

I'd miss out on tips!

Jetson Stamina said...

He better not be in accounting.
Those fuckers seem nice at first and then one morning you wake up 'cause you can't breathe and you're like... why does my head feel so constricted and what's this zipper around my mouth and why's the camera on and isn't that his sister and that's a weird looking baseball bat why does it smell like crisco all up in here ... and you're all like "What's a "safe" word" and he's all like "materteral" and you're all like "is that a safe word or are we now talking about your mother's sister" and then you pass out only to wake up in the lunch room where you first met and he's all like... "we must never speak of this go to rectumnearkilledhim.com to download your copy of last night."

Fucking accountants.

Spicy Little Pi said...


No, he's not in accounting!

he's in Trading... :-)

Damn, is that how they get down?

Are you speaking from experience, Jets?! :-p