Thursday, March 16, 2006

The 'Cold Pizza'

Back in the day (wednesday), in college, there was this little thing called The Cold Pizza.

Picture a Frat House. (where ELSE, right?)

Drunk Frat boys. Their poor House Mom.

Hey, Mom, we have pizza up in Chet's room. You wanna come up and have some?

Sure, Biff, I'll be right up.

(Here she comes, be ready, dude!)

House Mom walks in the room...

Hey boys, so where's the pizza? (sees pizza box on Chet's lap...)

She heads over to the box and lifts the top...only to find...

Limp Penis!!

Gotta love that one.

And now something so Unbelievingly Wrong, I just HAD to post it:

i think i've scarred us all for LIFE.

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