Wednesday, March 01, 2006

HuMp DaY Survey

Over dinner on Saturday night, an odd topic of conversation came up:

Who was the first naked man you ever saw?

Of the four of us, three had seen our dads as our first naked man.

Which makes sense, dads have a tendency to forget to close the bathroom door late at night when small children could be sneaking around...or they just lounge around naked on the couch, not expecting their kids to come home early...

But not The Jilted Love Monkey.

She was 15 when she first saw a naked man. She worked at a movie theatre and was sent on an errand to the Dollar General Store for trash bags.

As she stolled across the parking lot, she noticed a Silver Taurus driving around.

It started to come toward her...

A man that looked like her Grandmother's brother, Daryl, was inside.

"Hey there, I think you have a really nice body, would you like a ride?"

It was right then that she realized that he was COMPLETELY NAKED.

She turned and ran.

Gross. A sixty-something year-old man driving around NAKED in a Silver Taurus on the prowl for young girls....

So, on that note, I'd like to poll everyone...

Free polls from
Was your dad the first naked man you ever saw?
Yes No - Explain in Comments!

And why, for the love of God would you do something like this:

A bicycle seat has tendencies to, uh, burrow deep inside...well, y'know....


scribe called steff said...

Web stats rock. I followed you here.

It's cool that you like my blog, 'cos I like yours. I'm smoking some dope right now and you're really hitting the spot, which honestly pisses the hell outta me 'cos I gots to work in the morning and I'm far too old for this shit.

So, fuck it. I'm linking to you on my blog. If you don't like it, you know where to find me.

But when you're linked, you'll take it, and you'll like it. ;)


Spicy Little Pi said...

Course I will, I like most of what is dished out to me...

Nice Sam Spade reference btw, it was always one of my favorite lines ;)