Thursday, March 30, 2006

Open House


We're having an Open House tonight for people at The Bank.

I'm staying for the free food & booze.

(Don't talk to me because I won't remember your name anyway.)

Somehow I think combining bankers, booze, and the carpet will either be:

a.) really boring

b.) really funny

c.) hilarious, but no fun tomorrow when I have to clean the puke off the hypnotic carpet

OH believe me, I'm hoping for picture #1, lots of beautiful young professionals drinking wine and martinis, having fun at the office...admitting to crushes and making out in the bathroom.

BUT I know it's going to look more like picture #2, and then picture #3 is going to cause trouble.

Again, I SIGH.

I bet a.) since we're talking about BANKERS here. These people LOVE money.

But they love to SAVE it more than they love to SPEND it.


I'll be armed with a camera in case anything mildly more interesting than the stock market, golf, or the prime rate comes up.


How the hell did I, with a gem of a personality, end up working in an office where the average age is 15 years older than I am?!

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