Tuesday, March 28, 2006

a NICE Funk.

Last night i was being NICE.


Yes, i was in a nice mood at ye ole sub shoppe.

Customer Satisfaction was at an all-time high.

...for some reason that phrase makes me think of blow-job coupons and vibrators...maybe we could start giving those out as free take-aways in delivery bags...

Now there's a Happy Meal.

I even SMILED at them. (ya fat fucking idiot...)

I almost made myself sick.

'Fresh, Fast, and Friendly'

is one of the signs we have up in the store...

Maybe it was the combined effect of yummy smells and the stupidity caused by excessive consumption of mayonnaise.

Or that ad is true...if so I should be The Happiest Person Alive.

Speaking of food, how bout those mystery meats...

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