Monday, March 06, 2006

Dirty Deeds

Last night before sleep came to me, a funny phrase popped into my head. It's something my friend Beckman came up with...

Beckman is the kind of guy that liked it a little exotic to begin with. At first, he liked the feather, the feather was good, but after awhile the feather just didn't do it for him.

Now he needs The Whole Chicken.

Now we've all heard of some of the Nastier Deeds that you can partake in while doing The Deed.

Such as:

The Shocker

The Cleveland Steamer Once we asked Squirrely Steve to pick up one of these when he got our Chinese take-out...Everyone stood there looking at him as he asked a little old Chinese lady for a Cleveland Steamer...she didn't know what it was, and neither did he...they went back and forth until he finally gave up. He about shit his pants when we told him what it was!

The Hot Carl

The Dirty Sanchez

The Intimidator

And, for those Trekkies, don't forget:

The Spock

And finally, the one Beckman, that dirty bastard, came up with:

The Dirty Eskimo
(I'm hoping that you'll get what it is from the context. . .)
(if not, you take a frozen turd and screw a chick with it...hance the fudgesicle)

1 comment:

Uncle Buck said...

UB aims to please...UB guesses the Spock is when you Shatner on your partner...?