Friday, February 02, 2007

Pi does Beantown

I was terribly missed here at work, and they're showing it by making me do TONS of stuff.

So you had to wait a few days for an update!

Ok, ready, here goes. . .

After arriving in Boston at 12.40am, we went to pick up the car.

Or 'Cah' as the guy at the rental place called it.

'A cah's a cah. If you've driven one, you've driven em all.'

Sweet accent.

It's Marg Time!
We didn't do much the first day, relaxed and had Mexican food at a place called Acapulco.

Very acceptable.

Tasty delicious in fact.

The next day our Army buddy arrived!

I decided to drive to the airport. . .course the normal exit was closed...



Through the city. Shitty roads.

Nothing is labeled. It's strange.

We got caught in a traffic jam at 3 in the afternoon.

Army Guy's first request was to hit the liquor store.

He missed beer.

And women.

You would too if you were stuck out in the desert with a bunch of crazies for 4 months!Deluxe Table lighter

He came bearing gifts.

Saddam lighters!

Possibly the strangest things I've ever seen.

No one takes credit for them, either.

Absolutely no labeling whatsoever.

The fire comes out the end of the gun . . .

His hat is an ashtray!

The pocket Saddam lighter...
Dropping bombs
You open it and it starts flashing!

I think the writing on the bottom of this one says something like
'Amnesty Peace We'


Anyway, it sounds like things in Iraq are more than a little fucked. I'm glad I don't have to see the things he does.

Thanks, Army.

Then There Was SCOTCH.

A bottle of 12 yr old Glenlivet.

Cuervo Black and Poker
And a bottle of Cuervo Black, and a 2-liter of Coke for me.

Chinese was ordered.

Poker was played.

We were up pretty damn late.

Army Guy fell asleep at the table.

Can't blame him, between the time difference, the fact that he works nights, he hasn't had a drink in four months, and downed a bunch of scotch...

I think anyone would have been face-down on the table.

We went up to the city on Saturday night and attended '80s night at Toast

Freaks! Freaks everywhere!

It was awesome.

Met another chica there, she flew in from Peoria earlier in the day.
Married and still gross
I personally got drunk off of Vodka-7s and Red-Headed Sluts.

The DJ was pretty awesome.

I was surprised at Joe's dancing skills...his wife told me the first time she met him was when she hired him to dance at a fetish club.

Well, alright.

A love story that starts in a fetish club is pretty solid.White ppl in black coats

No pics in the club, too busy groovin and drinking...

But plenty afterwards, standing around outside. . .

It was snowing!

Then back to the house to drink and argue and play darts in the basement.

The majority of people we saw that night were wearing black.

Which was also the dominant color in the wardrobes of the ppl we stayed grew on me

So I decided to wear something BRIGHT.

Originally I picked up this shirt to make fun of it. . .

Then it kinda grew on me.

It looks awesome under black-lights.

Another bottle of Glenlivet was cracked and ceremoniously sacrificed to the drinking gods.

Brian was so demolished he kept hitting the pipes running along the ceiling with the darts.
chuga chuga
Finally he gave up and started dancing around....

And had an accident!

Did you piss yourself?!

Nono, I just spilled!

Suuuuure.he swears he just spilled

Army Guy started to konk out early, but we woke him up.

I turned in around 4 I think . . .

The boys were up till 7ish.

The sun was out.

The next morning Iscotch night aftermath rolled out of bed and stumbled upon their sleeping arrangements.

Looks comfy, no?

There's much more to tell!

I'll finish the rest later . . .my eyes are starting to go googly!


Leafs Fan said...

Ha, work did the same thing to me when I got back from Canadiana...

krissi said...

looks like a fun little drunk fest!

Christopher said...

You ain't cool unless you pee in your pants!

That's what I hear anyway...

Spicy Little Pi said...

If that's the case Chris, I'm the coolest kid out there!

There were some great drunken nights...

But it's always the little things you how different the newscasters were and the type of stuff they reported. None of that stuff would ever have made it onto the news in Iowa..too...risque

Weird, huh?