Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Snow is Bright, Brutal.

Old couple at the clubSo we had a crazy winter storm roll through here on Saturday.

Course we went out Friday and were out/up really late!

We were at this after hours place and this older couple was breaking it down on the dance floor.

This guy tried to shake his old wrinkled behind allll night.

Notice I said 'tried'

It was horrible white-guy dancing.

Thanks for the entertainment, oldie!

Anyway, after bumming around and sleeping all day,
we finally got off our butts around 6 or so and went to dinner.

It was total shite outside.

It was like driving around in a foot of slush.

HUGE heavy fat watery snowflakes were falling.

No one else was crazy enough to go out, so we had the restaurant to ourselves!

I vegged out on the couch after that since the weather made everyone puss out.

It's just a little snow...and ice...you're going to let THAT stop you!!??

Ah well.Pretty Tree

So everything was covered in ice the next morning, and then 6.5" of snow on top of that!

The trees were looking pretty cool so I took some pictures...

Too bad lots of em were drooping so low they started to break off.

power lines had the same problem...

Hundreds of poles are down across the state.

There are people that have been without power since Saturday night!

Sucks for them.

oh well.

I'm busybusybusy at work so I think that's it.

If you're an internet slut and want to be my friend on some stupid website like myspace or facebook you totally can.

email me.


Leafs Fan said...

Snow rules unless you live in England...

RyeGuy said...

A little bit of snow and all of a sudden it's the end of the world...
just get some snow tires, and all's beautiful.

Spicy Little Pi said...

people here are totally freaked out because of the storm last weekend, so this storm got tons of hype and LO it's just as bad as they said it would be!

people are too retarded to do something smart like snow-tires. there was a guy backing up on the off-ramp cuz he couldn't get his fat-ass van up the incline - and he didn't even check to see if there were people behind him!