Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Quarter Century Pi

Today is my 25th Birthday!

Congrats on your first quarter century!

The day has started out like any other birthday . . . it's snowing!!

And, courtesy of my coworker, we are having Cheesecake for Breakfast!!

Fucking delicious.

My mother was in town last weekend to celebrate!

We went shopping all day Saturday =D

Then we got all dolled up and went to dinner . . .
with Mr. Squeeze.

I kept telling myself. . .'If she doesn't like him, there's no hope for me!'

Well, guess what?!

She approves!Me n Mom

Conversation was great and the food was rich and yummy!

After that we headed out to the club . . .

Yes, mom came with.

To the Gay Bar, Gay Bar, Gay Bar!!

Where else would I go for my birthday?!

It's the best time in town if ya ask me.

I finally got a good pic of me n mom...do we look alike?

According to my coworker,
'You are your mother.'

Same mannerisms and way of speaking...

Wow. I'm becoming my mother.

Not totally a bad thing.

If she's a preview of things to come, I can't really complain!

While at the bar, the guys thought it would be a great idea to try and get my mom to do a body shot.
The Boys
She doesn't know what that is. . .

They tried to explain it to her.

'I'm not doing THAT!'

Great guys. NICE JOB.

So in order to give her a better idea, they came up with this:

Hey! How about Mr. Squeeze does one off of Pi!?

Pi n Mr. Squeeze
Are you serious!?


So I climb up on the bar, lay down and a shot of whatever is poured into my belly button, and then placed on top.

FYI: Not a fan of having my button messed with. It does not like to be poked, prodded, tongued, ANYTHING.

So I wriggled a little cuz it also tickled.

Slightly embarrassed, Mr. Squeeze helps me down...

The bartender,
'OH you are SO Naughty!' ::hand flourish::

It gets better! That's my mom!

::GASP:: OMG you don't look old enough to be her mother!

I'm not really sure what she thought of that, as I was properly drunk by then . . .

We danced a little and then it was time to go!

OK Pi pics . . . some embarrassing...but what the hell, it's my birthday, you have to look back and laugh at yourself sometime!

For the first little Pi Collage, upper left is me in 3rd grade, with my first pair of glasses.

Below that is me in my
Rough Stage in 5th Grade.

LOVE that perm. And the braces.

Then we have me in my living room drapes dress, 7th Grade School Picture.

Second Batch:

Right side is 8th Grade School Picture

Then we skip high school, cuz I HATED it.

So we go right to 2002, I was a sophomore in college in these two pics.

The short hair was a gradual thing, the guy I was dating at the time really thought I could pull it off and egged me on to do it.(I ended up loving it and keeping it until April 2005, when I decided to grow it out.)

Then we have 2003, my hair gets wilder.

Yes, those are bright pink highlights.

The top pic is me in Lynchburg, Tennessee at the Jack Daniel's Distillery

I was being a brat.

As I was looking through pics last night, choosing which ones to 'reveal to the world' I found a bunch when I was in college and I actually looked FAT.

Stupid Beer. (i still love you, you're forgiven.)

Anyway, then we have my Classic First Birthday Picture.

I'm totally rocking the Smurfs plate and bib.

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Feel free to send me cheesey e-cards and all that jazz. I love all that crap! spicylilpi@hotmail.com


krissi said...


Uncle Buck said...

Way to go you sexy piece of Mexican ass...

RyeGuy said...

well, happy birthday then.

Spicy Little Pi said...

Thanks everyone!

ATL LG said...

DAMN! I missed your Birthday..again!

Which of course means I missed the traditional ( especially here in the true South ) Birthday Spank'n!

Spicy Little Pi said...

don't worry, ATL, I had plenty of offers for birthday spankings at the bowling alley!

Christopher said...

I must say, as much as I like your hair as it is now... there definitely something about the short cut that I REALLY dig.

As for the first pair of glasses... well... we'll just have to forgive the 80's.

I hope your birthday went great and you had a blast!!

Spicy Little Pi said...

lol I was told that SO MANY times after I cut it short...

people that were just friends or whatever all of sudden were all 'HEY, you look FINE, let's do it!'

something like that...

glasses.yes. those and the fifth grade one are probably the most hideous pictures that exist of me. I had to put em out there and get over it!