Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Black out

What a nice day . . .

Walks into the building.

The lights are off.


Look up, no lights on any floor.

Head up to the second floor. . .doors are closed.


Was there a fire or something and did everyone evacuate to the other side of the building?!

What if there are zombies on the other side of the door?!

Zombies?! don't be ridiculous.

Walk in, still quiet.

Did I miss a memo?!

Turn the corner, voices . . .

Whew. Ok, good.

So we have no power. no computers.

no work can be done!!

Or can it. . .

Boss decides we should have our meetings early.


So we find a cubicle that's slightly better lit than all the others and hold a meeting.

A meeting I probably didn't need to be at.

The boss has meetings all the time.

Like 3 days straight every week.

He hates meetings.

So what does he do?

He starts repeating himself!!

Prolonging the meeting!!

Nothing ticks me off more!

I should have gone to breakfast.

It was out for an hour.

Despite the missing of an hour this morning, today is never-ending.

I'm going blind working on this thing in excel.


Staring a screen makes you tired when you aren't looking at anything fun.

I'd like to share my weekend, but Maddy was Doing Magic Again.

Let's just say the music all of sudden made a shock wave and we were drawn to the dance floor.

The light show was mesmerizing and we were out till 5.

Up until 11 am.

I was happy.

It was fantastic.

Maddy's Doing Magic Again, and I love her for it!


Leafs Fan said...

Empty offices..shudder.

RyeGuy said...

how are the cube monkeys supposed to frolick in the dark?

one month ago, I reached a new age. All I wanted was a spork, but I got a wok instead.

Purty good substitute. Can't cook stuff in a spork.

it came with chopsticks.

Christopher said...

I HATE working on Excel spreadsheets for hours on end!!

And although I don't have to do it everyday... when it comes time, I want to rip my eyeballs out and let them swim in saline for a few hours.

After days like those I tend to be completely caught up on everything that happened in the world during the previous 72 hours.

shhh... don't tell the government...

Ahhh... who am I kidding, Big Brother already knows my surfing habits. I guess he just doesn't care.

Spicy Little Pi said...

you guys crack me up!

you all comment on different parts of the same post!

cubemonkeys don't frolick in the dark - it's too scary, we might bump into something, instead we huddle together for safety and chatter about meaningless bullshit to pass the time...

sporksporksporkspork spork! I think the wok is the my second favorite sounding thing found in the kitchen...wok wok wok (thinking wokka wokka wokka....)hehe

congrats on your New Age Self. Don't get all spiritual er anything . . .it's just a numba!

oh christopher! today was more of the same. BRUTAL. i'm seeing cells and DSUM formulas everywhere! it's taking me forever to comment cuz i can't seem to type . . .i've been taking breaks to soak up the latest celebrity dribble, cubemonkeys LOVE talking about that shit in the breakroom . . . .going blind...must fini

RyeGuy said...

I used my wok last night. Made enough for 2 days of eating. But of course I ate it in one.

isn't DSUM something you order in a Chinese restaurant?


Spicy Little Pi said...

lol rye! you dork!