Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Momma Pi is a pin cushion

That's what her middle looked like anyway

Nowadays 'Minimally Invasive' is all the rage.

I'd much rather have 4 puncture like spots than a 4 inch scar...

It was GROSS.

And course she kept showing me...

Yes, 4 Puncture-Like wounds.

Two of them right around the area where you'd find that little green bugger, a bigger one right in the middle of her stomach, and one, GASP in her belly button!


Belly Buttons gross me out.


Stuff going INTO belly buttons grosses me out.

I don't like to have mine poked or prodded or licked or anything like that...tickles and feels downright WEIRD.

So once she heard that, she decided to make it worse.

Oh, they took this long hook and pulled it out and unraveled it and went in that way!


they didn't really do that did they . . .

No, it's just an incision.

So why so many?

Well, two holes are for holding it in place, the other two for the snipping and whatnot, and then it looks like they pulled it out through this hole in the middle, it's all bruised and tender.


Anyway, I made it back in time to pick her up from the hospital just shy of 24 hours after the surgery.

She was out of it.

The hospital was confusing as hell!

There's a rotunda with elevators and about 4 hallways stemming from it.

I picked the wrong one on the way out and had to make her wait for me to run to the car and pull er round...

(Sorry ma!)

She sent me grocery shopping in a store called Valli Market

There were brown people everywhere!

Now, I live in Central Iowa.

There are LOTS of white people here.


So going into a store where white people are the minority was just WEIRD.

Stupid White-Iowa Mentality.

I don't WANT to be racist er anything, I just AM.

Product of my environment...

It's like...being around something when you're not used to it

For example: I get weird around large animals.

I didn't grow up on a farm or anything
(the first time I ever saw a cow in person was at the ZOO!) so being around cows or horses is a little uncomfortable

You dunno if they're going to flip-shit and lash out.

Same with brown people. ok this is on it's way to disaster!

Change Subject: EasterNEAT

Easter isn't a big deal in the fam.

But my dad's wife, The Hideous One, insists on getting everyone something.

This year, yet another Pink Fuzzy Bunny, and a Chocolate Woodland Animal.

It's a baby raccoon holdings some flowers.

Very, um, Easter-y.

As you can see, I'm thrilled.


So Momma Pi made me do physical labor.

She's got this room that has accumulated lots of STUFF.

Well, since you're home and I can't lift stuff, how about we clean that out?

Ok . . . meaning I have to clean it out while you tell me what to do....

Other than that we laid around and watched TV and cooked and talked.

A nice relaxing time, right?

Well, yeah, until I realized what kind of shit I had to come back to in Iowa!

A mountain of work.

My quarterly menses. (i like SHARING!)

And with those headaches, cramps, back pain, bitchiness...

A car window that refuses to go up.

While it's raining.

Now it's snowing.

I had to get a RIDE TO WORK.

Guess I have to trust everyone at the apartment complex not to fuck with my car as it sits in the underground garage all day.

Before this turns into an all-out bitch-fest...I'm going back to work!

Momma Pi is doing fine, thanks for the get-well wishes :)


Anonymous said...

Hope you fell better. Rather good bitch fest I must admit!!


Leafs Fan said...

Any surgery scares me...

ATL LG said...

Glad MP is doing well.... you should see if the recorded the surgery.... that Gall Bladder Laproscopic surgery looks WAY's looks like the paper tubes your paper towels come in are invading your innerds and then the little lobster pinchers come in...sorry know you don't seem to like surgery but it's cool...really... car problems SUCK! can you tell I've got a couple...and don't get me started about the other thing...I live with multiple sucks....