Friday, April 20, 2007

Thursday Night Drinking

. . . isn't something I usually partake in.

I'm now 2 for 2!

What I've Learned:

  1. Martinis are Evil yet Delicious
  2. That hot older bartender is always game to hang out with young patrons
  3. As much as I enjoy eating, it can be counter-productive
  4. All you have to do is be nice and you don't have to pay for anything
  5. Happy Hour turns into 10pm or even 12.30am VERY quickly!

Last night we started at Appare, a Japanese Steakhouse/Sushi joint

It's a couple months old and SUPER nice inside!

Y'know that step at the base of the bar - where you rest your dirty tootsies?

It was covered in granite.

Sparkly copper flaked granite.

That's how nice this place is.

The bartender was a hot older man sans wedding ring . . .

I ordered a martini of course, Citron Crush

Tasty fucking delicious!

After a drink and a half Trotter's friend (Krazy with a K) Kathy shows up with some dude in tow...

He's a bartender at some shithole where they usually have happy hour

He's already red in the face and his eyes are half closed...

(Looked Totally Fucked to me)

He was all hanging on her and totally being her Bitch.
Krazy n Pi

We ordered some rolls . . .

I about wet myself with excitement


Krazy with a K started to get a little....rambunctious

She reminded me of ME when I'm drunk!

Oh, did I mention she's in her early 40s?!

And she's married . . .

But that's not the point.

She's awesome.

The conversation turns to hang-y labia and clits, as usual...

(well, maybe not usual for YOU, but we talk about 'em all the time...)

Krazy with a K was going on about how this lady was having surgery to tighten up one of her labia since it hung out more than the other. . .

Course right at that moment some dude walks in and starts eying the beer selection...

Hangy Labias, huh?

Chillin at the Cab
We glance at him and continue talking about beef curtains...

After the sushi was consumed and the drinks ordered and reordered and reordered...

Wanderlust set in and it was time to hit another bar.

I came back from the pisser just in time to hear that Krazy with a K's drunken little elf had paid for everything. . .

My martinis, Trotter's martinis, Krazy with a K's martinis, all the sushi...

Must've been a good $200!

Hey if gotta have em around, make sure they're good for something!


Those two take off and we all agree to meet at a Favorite Shithole.

I sent Trotter along without me, told him I'd be there after s'more water...

Sure, whatever, you're going home aren't you?!

No, I'll show up, have a beer, THEN I'm going home.

So he left.

Just me and the cute older bartender...I proceeded to flirtMm smithwicks

He gave me a tour of the place and invited me back to see him another night - drinks on him...

That's for another blog another time. . .

I show up at said Favorite Shithole and Trotter is holding down the bar, Krazy witha K nowhere to be found...

She stumbles in not a quarter beer later and starts spewing about how her Drunken Elf was getting sick all over the place at Some Grill

omg His wife was there and everything . . .

Oh, didn't know he was married.

So he's spitting and throwing up everywhere and I just wanted to leave. Well he follows me to my car and I didn't want him to come with, just to go home so I start to pull out and he's holding on to my car and then starts running after me as I pull out!

At this point I'm laughing and can't believe what she was saying.

You guys I'm worried about him driving home! I can't believe I called his brother-in-law to come get him.naughty pics

Apparently there's some bad blood there...

Is he coming to get him?

No, he didn't answer!!


After awhile the subject changed and camera came out.

She had naughty pictures all over hers!

And her friend Gina is HAWT.

And she had boobies hanging out.

Like, NIPPLE, not just boobies!Thursday night drinkin

While I was drooling over that JMax showed up!

It was a good drunken time and I made it home A-okay!

Drunken Elf, however, did not.

He passed out in his car in the parking lot of Some Grill.

Someone called the cops.

He didn't have his license.

Of proof of insurance...

And a warrant out for his arrest in a neighboring county!

So he's in jail right now.

How fucked up is that?!


ATL LG said...

Go back for drinks with hot older bartender... he'll make it worth me on this...

Spicy Little Pi said...

I went back there between jobs on Friday for a free beer and to pick up some awesome sushi...

I gave him the ole digits...

Let's see if hot older bartender has it in him to actually use them...

Any bets?

Tayster said...

That picture of the "hang-y labia" looks like a wad of bubblegum.

No offense if that's a picture of your wad of bubblegum. :)

Spicy Little Pi said...


Nope, not my wad of bubblegum!

Mine's prettier!

Tayster said...

Bloggers demand proof!

Spicy Little Pi said...

Of course you do!

Maybe one keep your eye out..

I'll try not to take credit for it...

(but you know could I NOT take credit for something so pretty!)