Thursday, April 12, 2007

So it goes...

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. died yesterday from head injuries caused by a fall in his Manhattan apartment.

The first time I read Vonnegut was in my junior or senior year of high school.

The first book I read was Cat's Cradle and I still remember things about to this day!

His best known book Slaughterhouse Five is one that I've never finished

I couldn't get into it...but all his others grabbed me obscenely

Often times I'll read something or watch a movie and only remember enjoying it.

The names of main characters, location, major events, and even the ending usually escape me.

When I remember those types of things, I know I REALLY enjoyed the book or movie.

Cat's Cradle made me want to read many of his other books, which I have : )

That guy had an amazing imagination!

He made up religions and languages for his books!

His strange words aren't just used in one book, they travel to others

Words like 'foma' and 'grandfalloons'
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It's sad to think I'll never actually meet him

I'll have to re-visit the book shelf that holds my Vonnegut collection once again, and pick up the few that I might be missing

If you've never read Vonnegut, you should giver a try!

While he didn't believe in the comforts of the afterlife, I hope he is out there somewhere, laying on his back, grinning horribly, and thumbing his nose at You Know Who. (stolen from Foma*)


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