Monday, April 16, 2007

One Saturday, I went overboard

That's ME!I totally ralphed!

All over my party pants.

Instantly we went into Extraction Mode and rushed out of there.

But before I did that, JMax took this Beautiful picture of Moi.

I'm going to make him carry the camera all the time now

Ok, Recap:

I was Beyond Fucked Up and decided to launch a water canon all over the floor and my party pants.

Right, check.

Back to my place for a few hours, laying around and chilling out and then had to take a picture of Manwhore cuz he looked HAWT.
Manwhore as Bond
He ditched us until 11ish to go to some sorority formal with some bitch he doesn't even like!

He had already done 18 shots by the time this was taken!

We think he should always wear a suit.

Before we know it, it's 3am and we're still laying around and 'wrestling' on my bed . . .

To the after-hours club.

It was Ghetto Night again.

Even the music was cooperating.
Me n Trotter
We had a new party accessory with us that night - I met him last Thursday!

I give you - ok this is not as creative as usual - Trotter.

(sorry, babe! I'll come up with something!)

He was a good time and partying like he did 'back in the day' on Saturday night

He's now the Old Man in the group!

Right so it was Ghetto Night and Trotter was good to have since we were able to skip the line and get 4 ppl in for $20
(normally 10 apiece)

We totally rock! (Thanks, Trotter!)

We didn't stay long since it was so smoky and we all kinda liked rolling around on my bed and calling each other out

We are so friendly to each other.

Even Cousin C made an appearance.White guys

He was looking HAWT, like a ghetto white boy.

And, GASP, I finally got a picture of Geek Josh.

He's on the left. . .

We were going to try and get him laid on St. Patty's and then he showed up with a married couple and wandered off before we got to afterhours.

Something tells me he wants to be up for it, but isn't ready quite yet.

He at least had the balls to show up to the gar bar alone to chill with us...

Alas, he's been expelled for sitting around, pounding drinks, and whining about how he's divorced because his wife cheated on him etc etc

dude, let it go.

Funny thing is - no one was surprised!

omg I'm such a bitch!

And when I wasn't being a bitch, I was talking about SEX.

It was crazy. My filters were turned off.

We didn't even sleep.

I love my friends, and we're going to do all over again this Friday : )

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