Friday, February 08, 2008

The Spice Grows Impatient

The car search ended a few weeks ago.

I made up my mind.


I went out and test-drove 2 cars.

Yes, two.

My favorite two....

I did sit in the other potentials on the list, stroke them a bit, see if I liked their style.

I did not.

So first, I test drove an Infiniti G35x

A brand new one!

No, I'm not going to buy a brand new car.

That's retarded since I don't have THAT kind of cash...

It was pretty neat, I walked into the dealership, was immediately helped, said I was looking at that car...and off we were to the demo...

Fancy back up camera and everything...all kinds of neat little features

The sales guy blabbed the whole time, so I couldn't really have a good time.

In the end, I think it hurt the car's chances.

It felt nice, bigger than my current Infiniti...

I told him I wasn't finished looking yet, that I still had to go to another dealership that day...

Just so happens his cousin works there!


So I left with a name...

I arrive at the Lexus dealership, excited.

I take a look at the model in the showroom, sit in it....

And fall in love!

Would you like to test drive one?


Ok, I'll need to make a copy of your license, you can wait here and look a the color slides for the interior and exterior...


So I play around and decide I like the red one with the beige interior....

Ok, here's the fob, it's the dark grey metallic car right there (points), have fun!


How long do I have?

Typically people are gone for 15 to 20 minutes...


I grab a CD from my car, and take off in the brand new Lexus.

Holy Sexy.

After running her around the highway and some curv
es, and speeding the whole time, I return.

I'm totally sold.

That's the car I want.

Course, I'm going for the used one...

A 2006 Lexus IS 250 AWD

Now, it's only a matter of time before it shows up at auction.

(We have a hook-up in Chicago...MUCH cheaper than buying from a dealer here...)

Anyway, I'm going to sell my old car to my friend whose truck died several weeks ago...

So what happens?

The fan dies.

Not that it was working perfectly in the first place, far from it, but now it doesn't work AT ALL.

Which means no heat.

No defroster.

God damnit.

So I decide to have it looked it, see how much it'd be to fix it...

The fan motor's all burnt out, that'll be about a hundred bucks...


Ok, let's do it.

1.5 hours later...

Hi, uh, the fan switch assembly is also burnt out...

And how much is that going to be?

It's a $3.87 part, but we'll have to order it.

When will it come in?

Looks like Tuesday...

Ok, can I pick my car up today?


I pick it up and what do you know, the whole section of the dash where the temperature controls reside has been ripped out.

I have a gaping hole with wires coming out of it and the temperature thing is sitting on my front seat.


No heat for a few more days.


Now... the Lexus...go for a black one since that's all that's been showing up for a couple months....or hold out for the Red one?

Or I could get a brand new Kia minivan and get a car for free with my down payment money and call it good....


Yeah, right.


Mike said...

Lexus = fun to drive

never really heard about how their going for longevity.

Spicy Little Pi said...

oh yes, Fun to Drive!!