Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hot Sex to the Third Degree

Since this post is decidedly un-sexy, I had to use a sexy title...

Last night, after pouring over the Rolling Stone cover article over dinner I got to thinking.

Britney, you bitch, you're just having fun with everyone.

Then instead of reading the entire magazine and doing fuck-all on a Monday night I decided to be Productive

So at 6:30 ish I decide to re-arrange my living room!

It's been 6 months since I moved in...time for a change

First up: Move my two bookcases into the other room.

Note: I have LOTS of books.

After I finish that, the room already looks bigger.


OK, time to move the TV and stuff.

I have an extra coffee table from IKEA that was small enough to be used in my dorm room about 7 years ago...I kept it for whatever reason

It's about the same height as the TV stand...

Being the Stubborn Independent Woman that I am, I figured:
I can do this, I've done it before!

So I unhook the TV and slide er onto the old coffee table.

Next, drag the stands with all the dvds and electronic stuff and speakers over to the new location

Turn on stereo.

OK, now the moving of the TV.

In hindsight, I should have moved the shag area rug first....

So I'm dragging the table across the floor, with the TV on top of it...

Then I notice that the legs on one side are starting to lean

And then crack


Slowly....slowly moving the table with the TV...

I get it almost to where I can move it on top of the stand.
Bruised tootsie
And then the table breaks.

Falls on my already bruised right foot,

I stub my toe on the sharp end of a screw sticking out of the leg...

And the TV slides into my left leg.

God Damnit.

After struggling with it a bit more, I resign to leave it where it is.

I get the broken table out of the way and move the rest of my things around, vacuum blahblahblah

After a bit I notice my leg is kinda sore.TV on the floor

It's tender and a couple of bumps are forming where the TV crashed into me.

As you can see from the picture, the TV is not a light beast.

(I slaved away as a hostess at Perkins for a month to pay for it 5 years ago...)

It's a 32" Toshiba tube.


I call my upstairs neighbor...no answer, I leave this rambling message, call another friend...no answer again.

Screw it.
my Ouchie
Curious, I roll up my pant leg...

Holy Shit!

I bruised the fuck out of my leg.

Surprisingly it didn't hurt that much.

I have a high tolerance for pain.

Then I watched the news on the floor.

I totally kicked my own ass.

The worst part?

It's hard to cross my legs the way I prefer.

The best?

Showing off my sweet bruise and grossing people out.


Mike said...

solution: Throw old TV out window and buy a flat panel LCD.

Christopher said...

I think this calls for a time-lapsed photo account of the bruises. You've already got Day 1...

It looks like it's a good thing that you have a high threshold for pain!

Spicy Little Pi said...

I almost wished it had broken so I could go out and buy that new TV: a 50" lcd...

Alas, I do not have cable and refuse to pay for it (why, I'm not sure anymore) and if I bought a new TV, I'd HAVE to get cable or satellite...

But it still works. (Secretly Booing)

New TV later this year...want car first :-)

I will take more pics...it looks cooler/worse already.

And my foot is totally swollen. It's really annoying to even put a sock on!

Travis said...

I have the exact same tv.
yes it is an awkward bastard, I moved the 14th of january into my new appartment. I left the tv in the back of my car for 3 weeks because i dreaded carrying the rotten thing.

Dont ditch the thing, it will come in handy if ever you need to tie yourself to something to avoid being sucked into a tornado.

Spicy Little Pi said...

lol someone understands my plight!

I'll be sure to pick up some tornado appropriate rope next time I'm at Lowe's ;-)