Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Office Move/Merger BitchFest Part II

Whew! Let's see where did I leave off...

WELL, let's just say that the parent company to my company, let's call it Parent or The Bank, is frugal.

OK, maybe frugal is too nice; they're CHEAP BASTARDS.

For Example: A lady that started in the marketing department not 2 years ago had to share a space that used to be a closet with two other people.

It was so tight in there that if you moved your chair away from your desk, you would run into someone.

Her first desk was a pair of putty colored filing cabinets with a painted door laying across them! She said it smelled like stinky socks.

People at The Bank are still using that 'desk.'

And now, for a horrifying picture:

THAT, my friends, is the Nauseating Office Carpet in the new space...

Instead of puking up all of my grievances in one post, I'm going to spread er out...(mostly due to time contraints and the anger that these things cause to bubble up...)


Jetson Stamina said...

See that carpet is no good for me. My OCD would have me following the brown spots and avoiding the beige ones.

Spicy Little Pi said...

Oh dear, you'd be in the corner crying in no time...