Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Couch Sleeper

Sleeping on the couch.

What a guilty little pleasure.

One I enjoy almost daily.

Since I've been sick the majority of this year, I need all the sleep I can get.

Even if it is slumped over on the couch, with one cat on my lap, the other lapping at my leftover soup, all while I'm drooling to a blaring TV.

What a wonderful image, just like the naked man lounging.

Work is kicking my ass.

Nature is kicking my ass.

Who's next?!

Your momma.

Right, so you're passed out on the couch, finally come to and realize that you missed the same part of the same show you've been trying to catch up on for a month.


OK, fuck it, to bed!

Now here's a dilemma.

Go through the bathroom routine or go straight to bed?

If you go through the routine you risk waking yourself up too much.

If you don't you'll lie awake feeling guilty you didn't do it.


Bathroom:wash face, put on my extreme age-defying face cream (thanks gramma), brush teeth, make sure the door is locked, phone on SILENT and charging, turn off all aquarium lights, make sure cats aren't locked in a closet, take out contacts, set alarm, lights out, ready? SLEEP!


I do that every night.

Which would explain why I'm so goddamn tired today.

To top that off, the first thing the boss says to me today as I wander in 20 minutes late like a zombie is 'Heygoodmorning, gladyou'rehere, we'llbebusytoday'

Why are you so damn chipper?!

Yeah. I make sure my door is locked.

I live in a secure apartment building.

With 392 other apartments.

Why would someone that managed to sneak in choose MY apartment to break into?

Cuz I have a cute little welcome mat.

Wow, Pi what a strange and crappy post.


Christopher said...

Trying to catch up on a show and missing the same part again is definitely upsetting...

But sleeping for 3 hours and waking up to the exact part of a show that you fell asleep during is quite disorienting...

especially when you were watching the show with the lights on and your roommates in the room...

then you "blink" and all of a sudden all the lights are out and you're by yourself.

(thanks, TLC, for showing the same show at 3am that you show at midnight)

Spicy Little Pi said...

LOL Chris you must be in touch with your creative side or something ...TLC?!

That's what I fall asleep to on the couch during the weekend =p

Are you a 'What not to Wear' kinda guy? Or maybe 'Flip that House'?

PatZ said...

or you fall asleep to one show and wake up to Girls Gone Wild. either way you win.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to get some sleep. Seriously.

And you'd better damn well make sure your door's locked at night because that welcome mat is just so... welcoming :p!

Spicy Little Pi said...

Sweet Patz, I can lay there and watch those commercials over and over and hold out hope that those blurry bars will miss their targets just once, for an instant...

i totally need some sleep. haven't gotten any this week! i'm not sure how i'm still going. . . total zombie.

Christopher said...

Well... TLC or one of it's sister stations (TSC, TDC, THC... )

Sadly, I've come to realize that I watch a lot of shows about rocks...

volcanic rock...
space rock...
underwater rocks...
rocks that some ancient civilization placed in interesting arrangements...

Leafs Fan said...

I think this is a new strange post high!

Spicy Little Pi said...

i should write while zombified more often.

hell maybe i'll try for tomorrow...i can't believe i'm still working...still upright...

i think you need a pet rock, Chris!