Wednesday, January 24, 2007

WARNING:Filler - Spicy in Boston.

Ok. Pi's tired.

And I just snarfed some fast food for lunch.

I'm in a grease-inspired coma.

So this is all you get to look at for the next week!
(such a bitch, i know.)

And cuz I haven't done one of these in awhile.

Recent Keyword Activity:

  1. pictures of women drunk and barfing
  2. cheesey office sayings
  3. italian mexican guido
  4. flooring gallery jayda iowa
  5. fantasy cliche
  6. dirty little diesel driving devil
  7. sticky jeans
Strange little minds out there landing on my odd-blog.

Want entertainment?

Go read something in the sidebar or sift through the archive bin or my flickr.

Spicy's going to Boston!

I might blog from there, depending on how accessible/motivated/NERDY I'm feeling.

I can't resist an internet connection, I reallllly can't.

So sexy with all its knowledge, filth, and wonder. . .

You know what I mean!

East Coast, here I come :D


Bostick said...

Doesnt snarfed mean you sneeze and and accidently poot? Sneeze + fart?

I remember the quiet girl in sixth grade did that and everyone pointed and laughed.

Guess what!?

Bostick said...

I linked you ;) See, I do stalk

leafs fan said...

Considering how lazy I've been with my site (8 days whoa) we'll forgive you...

Have fun!

.Ophelia. said...

I get weird keywords on my statcounter too. Creepy peoples indeed.