Friday, January 19, 2007

Greatest Night of TV EVER

So I was laying around sometime last month and happened to catch The Greatest Night of TV EVER.

It started as any Great Night of TV should, with Michael Bolton: Tribute on Ice

Fruity ice skaters 'ice dancing' in time to the classic musical stylings of Michael Bolton.

I was so excited I let a little pee out.

Cuz there's nothing like when he sings 'When a Man Loves a Woman'

I followed that up by changing it over to The E! True Hollywood Story:

David Hasselhoff.


That guy's got some GUMP!

And what a luscious head of hair . . .

He doesn't take himself too seriously.

Which is great cuz no one else does either.

I also managed to catch The Hot Dog: A Complete History on the Food Network.

I fucking love that channel.

Hot Dogs have an interesting and disgusting history.

Complete with footage of the various ways they've been made. . .


Anyway I just noticed that I match my panties to my top.

Not on purpose.

But I do it.


Oh right weekend update, a little late since the weekend starts pretty soon...

Alright some key highlights.

It snowed.
Rude Mood 1
I went to Keysters with Ben to see a band called Rude Mood.

Stevie Ray Vaughn cover band.

Pretty cool.

They were getting ready to play, dinking with their instruments etc...

Test Test...check check...
Me and Justin
So Ben, being Ben, screams, 'Testicle!'

Test Test . . Testicle. . .

haha awesome. He especially liked it when Ben screamed 'Show me your dick!'

I got a picture with the lead singer.

Just cuz.

Ben thought it'd be hot to hike up his pants and show off his Moose Knuckle.

Everyone was grossed out.

He also flashed a bunch of crack . . . (it's in the flickr if you REALLY want to see it)

And hit on a table of older fat ladies.

He's such a pimp.Dick in the Mouth

Then he ordered a bunch of us a shot.

A creation of his.

It's called A Dick in the Mouth.

Hard, creamy, and salty.

Wild Turkey, Bailey's, with a salted rim.

It was GROSS.

Way worse than actually sucking dick btw.

Surprisingly it doesn't curdle.

He also liked the added bonus of being able to wake up in the morning and say

::smacksmack:: Eeww. I can still taste the Dick in my Mouth from last night!

Alright Monkeys, Have a good weekend!


Bostick said...

Hi ummm you are kinda cool, can I stalk you nicely? LOL ROTFL LMFAOASMS!!

Anyways, some queer named Jetson sent me here to say you were cool.


Spicy Little Pi said...

just like jetson to send me some weirdo like you, bos!

gawd. i need to pick someone else to choose my stalkers...

Bostick said...

Oh come on. I am not that bad. Its not like I have ever pooped in my hand or anything. Well, not since I turned 18.

Spicy Little Pi said...

lol and what was the purpose behind it?

Bostick said...

I was baking a cake and needed Icying.