Friday, March 02, 2007

Why so boring lately?

Pi's been a busybusy bee at work and all the snow is a real fun killer, or maybe i'm looking at it the wrong way.

A little bit of Brain Spew concerning the weather:

There are 11,700 people without power, the interstates are/were closed. The entire state was declared a disaster area! Yesterday we had a crazy blizzard blow through. Teeny little towns along the interstate were lucky enough to get a boost from it!All their hotels were full with stranded travelers and truckers kicked off Interstate 80. Churches had to open shelters for all the rest . . . Parts of the state have received well over a foot of snow in the last week! Schools are closed today and some business let their employees off...big-uns too...Like Wells Fargo. But will the markets close today after a few tragic storms? No. So we're open. Everyone's late, but we're open. I wanted to work late last night cuz I'm swamped. Boss said go home after 3.30 if you need to beat the traffic...They finally kicked me out around 4.30. 'The mother in me is wanting you to go home' said my coworker...OK. fine. they also wanted to make sure my little car started. She's finicky when it comes to sitting outside in cold weather. Trying to clean off your car in 35 mph gusts of wind and blowing snow in heels is no piece of cake!

Lots of bad weather = Reduced fun!

hehehe Recent Keyword Activity, just for kicks:

  1. like nipple hair and rachel ray's face (i dare you to tell me the show it came from)
  2. aunt's thighs
  3. el bait shop
  4. labyrinth jareth's tights
  5. pics fetish argyle socks
  6. naughty birthday ecards
  7. chunky semen
Apparently I've written about some fucked up shit!

I'm prepared for tonight.

Glow sticks. Crayons. Candy. Gum. OJ. Flashy shirt. Awesome attitude.

Checkcheckcheck and CHECK...GO!!

Kitty had her third hair-cut on Wednesday . . .

scrawny jayda

I decided not to leave the mane this her head looks HUGE!

She's totally scrawny.

6 pounds scrawny to be exact.

Random Saying & Happenings from the last week:

I'm high on Life & Jesus. There's enough Jesus to go around for everyone!

I had a lesbian give me the tongue-in-finger-V from above the dancefloor.

She was hideous. I did not reciprocate.

Can I play with your seam?

HAha, I think the ex's new gf is totally FUG.

My, you are incredibly shirtless. Why, thank you!

Brown Eye Star . . . DRUNK!

Tonight, we party. No obstacles, only challenges.

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