Thursday, May 11, 2006

City Kids

While growing up in the great city of Chicago, we came up with some creative ways to entertain ourselves...

When we didn't make the mile long trek to the park, we would ride bikes, play Kick the Can, and Make Me Laugh. (they never made me laugh, i was reining champ!)

Then there were those other games. . .

The ones where I ended up handcuffed to a light pole and screaming my head off for the person with a key cuz my mom wanted me to go home for dinner...(we were hardcore about Cops & Robbers...)

And the ones we made Water Balloon Drive By and Sewer Ball.

Not sure why the sewer was so fascinating...but it was. We'd drop the heaviest rocks we could find just to see if we could make a splash big enough to make it to the street level...(and hit someone in the face!)

One of our favorite things to do in the summer was to go to Dominick's (grocery store) to buy a bunch of junk and waste our quarters in the candy machines...then hang out in the parking lot down the street and binge...healthy, I know!

Later in the day, Reuben would wash his car and there'd be a stream of sudsy water running into the sewer hole that we hung out by... (yes, we hung out by the sewer...)

We had this brilliant idea to catch some ants and put them inside the plastic bubbles from the candy machines and race them down the stream...

We even had a sort of bracket going were set free.

We were strange city kids...we ate hotdogs sold from a shack made from half a schoolbus on the corner....what do you expect?!

Pictures of my 'hood Portage Park


Deadpool said...

Chicago sounds awesome...when you played cops and robbers - who was Capone?

Spicy Little Pi said...

Capone was always this kid named Billy Guess.

He was HAWT - all the chicks wanted him.

Which is why the other boys didn't mind having to go after him all the time...